Belarus has set new monuments to Marshal Zhukov

I debated with Belarusian manumentalistam Olesya Artimovich. He — the creator of the monument to Zhukov said. Architect surprised hurry hurry to hold the opening ceremony. According Artimovich, uncomfortable territory in the park, a place for the monument — raw. Painter believes that veterans fear a repeat of the events in Estonia.
"For sure, it has pushed them. I do not know. They’re with me this topic not discussed. But now I learned that May 7 I’m there. They do not understand the few that do not show half the work. But decided to bust put, open, and later lead improvement already. "
Bronze statue of Zhukov is estimated at more than 100 million rubles. Accomplishment terrain requests another 10 million. It is reported by the control of the International Fund Belarusian Branch Marshal Zhukov Dmitry Sanko. He also recalls that bust holder 4 stars USSR hero takes place monument former Russian Generalissimo.
"Yes, there was formerly a monument to Stalin. In February last year wrote a letter to the president. Received his consent to install a monument to Zhukov. Bust made of bronze. Pedestal — from granite. Is the inscription: "Marshal Russian Union, majestically renowned warlord Russian war. "
Zhukov Monument in Minsk — not first in Belarus. Sculptures have Baranovichi and Brest. In Moscow This year also established a new monument to Marshal, which local authorities allocated 60 million rubles. Former Zhukov monument in Moscow moved to the area of the military unit.
In the photo: the next place to Zhukov monument in Minsk;
In the picture: in the square outside the railway — the broken tracks and piles of garbage.

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