Belarus stands majestically at the time of the week to ban the sale of alcohol?


Believer: "I believe the consumption of alcohol must be not only tough measures — be prevention. And not only in the stately week. Need promotion of a healthy lifestyle. "
Believer: "Fighting with alcohol have a very positive phenomenon. Very badabout. "
Woman: "It is necessary, because the Church does not welcome alcohol consumption. Holy Week — this week of spiritual purification. Alcohol is not conducive to this."
Believer: "You can do something like that. For the salvation of souls and for the health of the body."
Believer: "I am against alcohol. This is such a disease that spoils the lives of children, family, friends, parents. I really do not wish that our people are drinking."
It was the submission of believers coming from the Minsk Orthodox Holy Spirit Cathedral.
But submission supermarket shoppers "Central" that on Independence Avenue
Lady: "You can not do. For what? When I hold no rules, then I will not take alcohol. I do not need a ban. "
Reporter: "Should Belarus prohibit the sale of alcohol in the Holy Week, as did Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez? "
Man: "I think that is not necessary. Whoever consumes vodka will find the opportunity to drink. And who does not consume — and so will not drink."
Student: "It is necessary. Since an unlimited number of Young people prazdnichkom consumes alcohol. "
Man: "I think that we should not prohibit what they want."
Man: "I think it makes no sense."
Pensioner: "Do not be. Such prohibitions do not give anything decent."
Young Man: "forbidden not need anything. Necessary to work with populations in order to clarify that the Holy Week — a real prazdnichek. And this time should not consume alcoholic beverages. "

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