Belarusian Association of Journalists against the persecution A.Klimov

BAJ calls on decision-makers and municipal authorities:
change the preventive measure applied against Andrei Klimov;
in the investigation and adjudication of controlled recognized democratic standards in the field of freedom of expression;
prevent accidental legal assessments cyberspace;
exclude the application in practice of measures involving deprivation or restriction of freedom for the expression representation.
Journalistic rights organization regrets in Belarus "Verbovanie criminally liable for expressions are common practice."
In 2002, the restriction of freedom of the Penal Code were punished Hrodna journalists Paul Mazhejka and Markevich, also editor of "Work" Viktor Ivashkevich. By BAJ in these cases courts diametrically inversely solve the question of whether Internet resources attributed to the mass of information.
"Persecution for constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech and disk imaging discredit Belarus in the eyes of the civilized world, — said in a statement BAJ. — In 2005, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Miklos Haraszti, in its own report on the visit to the country said, Belarus is the only state in the OSCE area, where people are serving prison sentences in connection with their statements. "
Politician and publicist Andrei Klimov was arrested April 3 in Minsk. As a preventive measure of detention. Reason for the prosecution was the placement in the web of journalistic articles Klimov.
"The investigation is equated to the Web media, although the Belarusian legislation this question not settled, — said in a statement the public association "Belarusian Association of Journalists".

Klimova instituted against criminal case Article 361 Part 3 of the Criminal Code ("calling for the overthrow of the constitutional order or Republic of Belarus or to commit crimes against the country, and calling for the seizure of power by force or change the constitutional order of the Republic of Belarus, or treason, or an act of terrorism or sabotage, or distribution of materials containing such calls … committed to the introduction of the media ").
For publication on the Web policy threatens imprisonment up to 5 years.

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