Belarusian authorities began to fight with satellite antennas

"After the execution are independent Belarusian media official Minsk Belarusians begins to limit access to foreign media," — writes "Gazeta Wyborcza", recalling that the Grodno region in autumn 2005 by order of the Ministry of disk imaging was stopped broadcasting transmission channel first Polish television via cable and community antenna.
"Follow the objective" — the newspaper — is the owners of satellite dishes. "Diary outlines the" pioneering measures " this case Lida authorities, because in this town to put an antenna already need to have permission from the authorities.
"Wyborcza" quoted former candidate for the post of President of Belarus from united democratic Alyaksandr Milinkevich, who said the newspaper that "the authorities wish to limit access to other sources of disk imaging."
According to Milinkevich, a reaction to the establishment in Poland satellite TV channel Belarus-independent television because "Lukashenko is afraid more than Brussels, Moscow and Washington have put together."
Meanwhile in an interview with the newspaper, representatives of Lida authorities stated that their actions have no political motives.

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