Belarusian car market will give Chinese

Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Customs Committee Vladimir Goshin said that the committee has prepared a proposal to the Government of Belarus from July 1 to raise duties on imported cars to 5 evratsentav per cubic centimeter engine. In other words, the fee for a car with an engine of 1.6 liters will rise by 80 euros, with an engine of more than 2 liters — 100 euros.
Currently in Belarus customs rates are similar for businesses and individuals from 35 evratsentav per cubic centimeter engine for small cars, which from 3 to 10 years, to 60 evratsentav for cars, the latest in 3 years, with the engine of 2.5 liters and more .
Vladimir Goshin added that the fee is likely to grow only after, in Belarus will start releasing their own car.
The head of government of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky said that by the end of the year the country will release 2-3 models cars that will cost 6-7 thousand dollars. As an example, Sergei Sidorsky cited Uzbekistan. In this country once a year is 170 thousand machines "Daewoo matyz." Auto designed Koreans, but most of the country’s configuration, this machine is considered vzbetskay.
"Samand" is still stalled
Representative of the Belarusian plant, which already collect Iranian passenger cars "Samand" Alexander Zholneruk states: a year of work "Samand" in Obchak near Minsk collected only fifty cars. Any price 12.5 thousand dollars.
"No, not yet strong, strong support specifically from the country — says Alexander Zholneruk. — As in all statesah in case — introduced duties, supporting local producers. It was announced that the car started to gather a year earlier. But in fact only half the project is implemented. In other words, the power demand is only at this point begin to grow. Rivals in every way to drive this car, that he is a bad. But when they say that it is bad, then it is essentially competitive. He has already found its niche, and it will rise with each half, each quarter will rise higher and higher. "
"Belarusian" car will make Chinese

Belarus plans to make the creation of cars from Chinese parts. Chinese cars "Hafei Brio" and "Geely" can be purchased at prices in Belarus 7200 and 7500 dollars, respectively. The price of similar models, "the Belarusian assembly" is not yet specified.
Here that reads Director of "Trayanda" Andrew Alekseichik, whose company began selling in the Belarusian market, Chinese cars:
"We are the last 5 years all work fully on Chinese computers. Company" IBM ", naikrupneyshim manufacturer of computers, belongs to the Chinese. With cars, of course, will be more difficult, because it is much more branded business. But I think all this will inevitably stereotype must crush. Even not crush, and uniformly set aside, on the back burner. Since this is like the sunrise: as if we do not interfere with the process, we can not do anything. "
Candidacy runabout — Jeeps

Managing analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika believes that if avtapramyslovastsyu of Chinese and cooperate, is best in the field of not runabouts and huge SUVs:
"In order to create a new brand and a successful car, you need to focus not on the internal market of Belarus. This must be regional market. Pretty to look at the demand, so be sure: in the first place globally SUVs. Necessary to make such a jeep that would make it possible to take advantage of the Belarusian transport engineering.
What we can do? We are able to make huge, big cars. And if 2-3 times to reduce them, that’s almost ready for you new Jeep. And therefore quite obvious that the Chinese want to use Belarus as a base. You’re only padnatuzhyts thoughts and do something that will capture the entire market — large, spacious, ordinary car-SUV, which may in the mountains and the plains. "

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