Belarusian diplomat Zapata deprived T. Kozyro ability to learn

The diplomat accused the South American family Debra and Manuel Zapata, which decided to stay in the 16-year-old Belarusian citizen Kozyro Tanya, that they deprived girlfriend ability to obtain secondary education at home. Kravchenko added that it is "bad service" for Tanya.
Itself Tanya Kozyro argues that no matter where she lives, she wants to continue their education after high school and go to college.
"I want to be engaged in singing or working with children" — shares his plans woman. Petaluma until she takes private lessons British language. According to South American laws, but a woman with a tourist visa, can not attend high school. For this she needs student visa.
How to find South American special on Immigration, to get such a visa is not far away just because Tanya case "there are a number of controversial issues." With one side, Tanya has the right to consult with South American lawyers, and on the other, her family problems — missing base in order to stay in Zapata.
In turn, the lawyer hired by an American family Christopher Kerosky declares that he is ready to seek political cover for their own Belarusian client. "According to the laws of South American, she has that right," — says Keroski.
He also believes that the act is not Tannin may be reason for the Belarusian authorities forbade applets recovery Chernobyl kids in the United States.
Representative of the Belarusian Embassy in Washington Oleg Kravchenko refers to the situation unsafe. He says that is well aware of all the consequences, because he has a 2-sons: "If one of them does not go to school, I do not let him hire a lawyer. Devchenkoy With this as well. Underage and she can not decide itself for itself. "
"We wish that Tanya returned home. This would be the only right decision in this situation," — says the diplomat. — "Whereupon incident no ordinary family in Belarus, I think, no longer will allow the United States to send their own kids. "
According to Oleg Kravchenko, immediately after, as Tatiana Kozyro August 5 has not appeared in the San Francisco airport, Belarusian bureaucrats decided to close the program from one hundred percent recovery in the U.S., when Tanya Kozyro not return home immediately.
But as soon as they revised their requirements and wish at this point to get from the U.S. assurances that a similar incident will not happen again. How should the words of the representative of the Belarusian Embassy, South American government is currently considering a draft agreement proposed by the Minsk on exchange programs.
In turn, U.S. State Department spokesman told the press that his office is really in contact with Minsk in connection with the case Kozyro, but added that it is not aware of any agreements and arrangements.

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