Belarusian economy can not withstand retired beneficiaries

This world view expressed in an interview with "Interfax" Head of the pension system cerebral control pension and public insurance Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Tatiana Pogonysheva.
In her opinion, it is necessary direct attention on rational raskhodvanne funds that are collected "on pensions." Pogonysheva said in Belarus burden on the working population, to be vtramlivats elderly, 1.5 times higher than in Russia, and even above the Baltic countries and Poland. "first step that can change the situation, may be bill on preferential pensions. Analysis of the situation with pensions for hazardous industries indicates that more than 76 per cent of those who retire early, unwilling to leave harmful creation, and continue to work to afford retirement.
Currently in Belarus there are 2.4 million elderly people on pensions is 11 gross domestic product.

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