Belarusian historians joined voedinyzhdy in public company

30 Belarusian historians have said about the intention to participate in this event. Chairman of the organizing committee of the "Association of Historians free" calls Nina Stuzhinskaya noble families, the researchers: Igor Kuznetsov, Tatiana Protko, Sergei Tarasov, Gennady Saganovich, Andrew Kishtymava. Says Stuzhinskaya and young change.
"Those of the young who speak out so failed to pass protection, dissertations which were actually thrown Academy, because Tipo "do not correspond to modern ideology." Thus, of the eight dissertations only one was approved by the WAC. Imagine a scale of repression! . "
Ira Commandant thesis about the situation in Byelorussia in 1940-1950 years This year not passed the Higher Attestation Commission:
"Almost WAC accused me of blackening Russian past. I hope that young historians will support. What they have potential to become a world-class historians. And at the moment created by the association to help them in this. "
Draft statute civilian association of free historians means registering with the Ministry of Justice. But a member of the organizing committee, candidate of historical sciences Sergey Tarasov oscillation expresses the fact that power prevent this. In case, says the source, remain the ability to be a branch of international public organizations.
"There is a global organization of historians. Example, the Academy of historical memory. Type the same organization for the protection of monuments and sites under UNESCO ICOMOS. Either such as the European Organisation for archaeologists. We will open a discussion activity causes and conditions on which we can work."

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