Belarusian liquidators make your company

Created by society "Liquidator" intended to hold its conference on May 27. But suffered a week earlier. Organizing Committee Chairman Alexander explains Volchanin
"We stay on the days of May 19, because Congress will be held 27 Democratic Forces. This is our final date. We have already agreed to Vitebsk and Grodno, Gomel region and Minsk oblast and Minsk. "
Vitebsk activities of the group headed by a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Anatoly Gnevko. He — Colonel supplies. Recalls that in 1986 the department of Defence Staff of civilians and reservists were equipped through their were more than 300 thousand people. Anatoly Gnevko believes that the liquidators have to create your company for social protection.
"People go, go and go … Of course, we realize in Belarus at the moment the economic crisis, the end of so called thein the country’s welfare. But what if somewhere-nibudt zagremit, it is unlikely that anyone sagituesh go there to help out voluntarily. And the army, too. "
Meanwhile, in House of Representatives considered a bill to abolish the existing incentives for the liquidators. Namely, it is intended to cancel the free spa healing and additional leave.
Protest this liquidators ready to declare the Chernobyl way. Member states active group Gregory Korbut:
"Our guys are going. April 26 go to the rally. Later we will go to the parliament and the president. Time already. ’21 Led by the nose. We are not children. Regiment Of a thousand people already buried … "
According Korbut in Chernobyl liquidators path will participate separate column.
Subsequent online — with the chairman of the organizing committee "Chernobyl Way" Ivan Nikitchenko

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