Belarusian opposition strategy — to fight for free elections

Half of the ninth morning until the second hour a day or forum participants discussed strategies for action political opposition.
On behalf of the Working Group presented a strategy analyst Vaclav Oreshko. Its main purpose — holding free elections in Belarus.
Political analyst Alexei Lord, one of the creators of this document emphasizes that the strategy is not indicated exactly when such an election will be held:
"In the title says that this strategy until the first free elections — while nd. There calendar 2008, when to go to the next elections House of Representatives. But strategy composed of calculation that can be different. "
On the question of the essence of the strategy, the sovereign Lord of the answers:
"This is turning into a strategy that was previously still focused more on active street protests, the evolutionary process. And it is this — the path of modernization of public peace, economic and social relations."
Interested interlocutor or performed any of the forum members against such an approach?
Political scientist says:
"No — advocated so as not to endorse the strategy was not. Were some suggestions for emphasis. But the turn made."
Middle of the panellists were Alexander Milinkevich Volchek, Mecheslav Mushroom and others.
During the second half of a day or work different sections. Chairman of the State Executive Committee of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko notes:
"Almost is another reading" Little Constitution "economic platform and strategy. If adopted on the political council, it was though, maybe a little, but a step forward.
After the conference with a broader participation, we will create another step forward. A later start work in the regions and national debate to bring to the discussion of these documents possible a wider range of our ordinary people. "

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