Belarusian talents in Muscovy

Ruler of Muscovy Fyodor Ivanovich, son of Ivan the Terrible, visited lyudvisarski-order shop where cast cannon. Looked at the product, grimaced and asked loudly:
— Who can cast a cannon to the kernel was at least from my last royal head, but better — even more?
Ruler was really brainy, but the brain, as the voice did not match the size of his head. All silenced — there ruler ruler.
— Well? -It again all looked stern gaze.
— I can cast, Your Majesty! — Suddenly, boldly said Anton Litvin Chohan, who has made clear as to Muscovy and that armory.
And indeed after a while he ate with cannon cast, extensive yard. A carved stone vpribavok core weighing more than 50 pounds.
Fedor fit ruler died, surely, not to behold, like a cannon-duryshchy Zhahni because it broke up into small particles. Fit fled to his native Lithuania (Belarus) Anton Chohan. According to another would not put up with his own head.
And what about the gun? And she pravalyavshysya on the outskirts of the Kremlin already 250 years old, was suddenly recognized as a miracle of casting skill. And immortalized of so-called Russian genius fiancé Anton Chekhov.
Wonder gun, from which never shot, standing on the Kremlin in Moscow courtyard next to the bell, from which no one ever called.

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "It is clear that the Russian reign were tyrant. A Belarusian master realized that the gun, which he ebbs, will not be able to shoot?"
Ales Petrashkevich: "I think so. And he as they say, ebb bullet. He knew that she did not shoot, and knew that the Russian tsar can not argue. "
Rakytskyy: "Do not shot this gun, but was recognized after the real work of art. Specifically, do not hesitate to tell the emperor Petrashkevich, such as painters, masters of Russian descent who distinguished themselves in Muscovy, you could call?"
Petrashkevich "Their thousand. Captivity Those who deduced Muscovites with our area were not just Whom Zagreb, and were fortunate that, although this was. But first selected people mastseravyh. Kaflyary It was, special on metal cutters. How would be different in Moscow appeared nest royal Kolomenskoye, built only prisoners of Belarus? themselves there they did not know how, but we’re at home, closer to Europe, in the Duchy of Lithuania, and much could have done a lot. "
Rakytskyy: "You want to say something from time immemorial Moscow hunted brains in adjacent countries? How did this happen? How and why professional Belarusians got, for example, in the same Muscovy?"
Petrashkevich: "For the mind is always chasing and mind has always been cost. First, it — captured. From the literature, it is clear from the documents that in seizures during the war against Alexis Mikhailovich ON for the prisoner gave no more Rublevka. But the cost is very grown if it was a wizard. Very appreciated by Moscow Belarusian woodcarving. example — Smolensky Cathedral iconostasis. This — a masterpiece, it’s magic light. You can also call our kaflyarov with Amstsislava, Bikhov. Many professionals worked in Moscow for gold and silver. "
Rakytskyy: "It’s all very well appreciated in Muscovy. There, in Muscovy, for sure, this wizard do the best conditions? There, surely, it was easier to show their own talent? And so themselves Belarusian talents also fled abroad?"
Petrashkevich: "For the great skill there excellent pay. But still they were men adjective. Take Simeon of Polotsk, who was a man of the highest education. This was a poet, playwright, priest stands. Beheld him and lied in Moscow. And he became the tutor of the royal family Alexei Mikhailovich. Simeon of Polotsk — one of the founders of the Latin-Greek Academy in Moscow. He — the creator of the first capital of a Moscow theater, which, incidentally, was burned. buffoons and there could drown, and actors smoking. "
Rakytskyy: "Could smoking, and doing their best for the conditions. Why there could when they were interested, to create the best conditions for newcomers, and ON — not so?"
Petrashkevich: "It’s looking at what times. If Duchy of Lithuania was massive and the Russian ruler Alexis broke his spine, it was the government, in which every tycoon considered it an honor and a duty to have in his own castle or his palace theater. It was country theaters, architecture, castles. "
Rakytskyy: "Then why talents leave?"
Petrashkevich: "leave already when the principality became" Northwest edge. " Then there was no other choice. Go to France or Germany, which previously had a close case, it was difficult for the Russian authorities. The only method was the way to Moscow. But our guys did not fail to get the ability to St. Petersburg or Moscow University. The same Constantine Kalinowski studied in St. Petersburg or Grinevitsky that throw a bomb to the king’s feet. Such people were 10s, weave. "
Rakytskyy: "Do you understand the Russians themselves that very many merits of their culture made by the representatives of other nations? Whom outstanding Litvins (Belarusians) there really Belarusians believe?"
Petrashkevich: "They know there’s a lot of Belarusians, but almost no one called, no name and is unlikely to call them — people of Belarusian origin type Dostoevsky, Twardowski, Green, Griboyedov. A composers Glinka, Musarskaga, architects Kanenkava, Mikeshyna poet Yevtushenko, actor Vladimir Vysotsky ?. "
Rakytskyy: "And they’re all in Russian entsyklyapedyyah Russians?"
Petrashkevich: "Absolutely. About Belarusians and their mental advantage over three years, for sure, uttered only two. Herzen posoboleznoval us as a colonial country, and Pisarev (incidentally, also Belarusian nationality), although in the literature, but stood up for Belarusians."
Rakytskyy: "But now in Russia there are people who revere heritage of Belarusian culture, including manufactured in other countries."
Petrashkevich: "Smart people are always reasonable. We can be proud of the same Konstantin Borovoy or Novodvorskaya and some others. But they Belarusian origin."
Rakytskyy: "In general, the emperor Petrashkevich Belarusians imported or exported more of their own genius and why?"
Petrashkevich: "We are no longer exported. But it is not quite so. Not that we exported and exported our geniuses, lured, rusyfikavali. Language was banned. And as a result we have lost an excellent poet Adam Mickiewicz. Not have the list of Belarusian writers Dostoevsky . "
Rakytskyy: "But it could happen in Belarus as a majestic writer Dostoevsky?"
Petrashkevich: "I think that Dostoevsky was held as an excellent writer already after, over him and broke his sword in a few minutes he owed be punished by death, and then was pardoned and exiled to Siberia. This Russian made him a genius. We have not lost our genius, if we have not lost our government. "
Rakytskyy: "And what would happen if all these geniuses and their thousand, would have occurred here, the native land of the Belarusian What would happen to this land?"
Petrashkevich: "Our land would just level with France culturally — known highly developed countries. We held on to the government. Without the mind, without the highest culture the government can not take place. There would be a government, would leave everything else. Lost talent — we have lost the government. "
In a couple of Tsar Ivan the Terrible Ivan lytvyn Hvedarovich, named in Muscovy Fedorov, first worked in the Kremlin casting tools, and then began drukarstva books. Along the way, invented multiply combat mortar and gun-howitzer, capable of destroying the thick walls. Cast them in Moscow had since had to flee from the king-despot. At home in his sheltered Zabłudów Prince Grigory Khodkevich printer and made the conditions under which he published four books. A Prince Ostrozky Hvedarovich ebb and mortar and howitzer and sold them to the Elector of Saxony.

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