Belarusians celebrate Constitution day in Poland and Lithuania

The Speaker of the Polish Sejm Ludwik Dorn recalls how he — the last anti-communist underground activist — along with colleagues celebrated May 3 during the time the NDP:
"When Communist rule, when Poland was a vassal Russian Union, from the history books and the list prazdnichkom day Constitution of May 3 has been deleted. Opposition celebrated it in secret, and I remember at one point, me and my employee today — Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Bronislaw Komorowski beat it for the police batons. And at this point, we note today Parliament in a free country, together with a free parliament of Lithuania — is one of the more remarkable sense that God — the owner of history could give me! "
Ludwik Dorn read about the free parliament of Lithuania, and specifically with today’s Lithuania and not historical identified the vast majority of Poles majestically Duchy of Lithuania — part Rechipospolitoy both peoples.
"The Poles are accustomed to, that Lithuania is Lithuania and Belarus is not present in this context, in the minds of most of my fellow citizens — can therefore, that at the moment does not take part in the European integration process, not fighting for its historical heritage. But the Belarusian youth, students with whom I met, indeed, there may be a good example, "- says historian Ryszard Nowak.
Yet, Speaking yesterday in the Lithuanian Seimas, the Polish-Lithuanian co-chairman of the parliamentary group Jaroslaw Kalinowski Belarusians thanked for their contribution to the creation of the Constitution of May 3.
Kalinowski: "StarobeloRussian language was the official language majestically Duchy of Lithuania prior to the XVIII century. It was written on it such important monuments rights as majestically Statutes Duchy of Lithuania, and the Pursuit — is currently free of arms of Lithuania, but also a sign of those who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Belarus! "
In modern day Poland Constitution of May 3 — Municipal prazdnichek which together congratulate May 1 is connected to so called "Very long weekend" — the mass departures on a little rest.
Municipal buildings certainly posted national flags, but do it at their own homes, balconies and ordinary Poles. In the solemn city parks concerts, plays, picnics.

Third May 1791 the Diet approved the Constitution of the Rzeczpospolita — first in Europe and second in the world for the last communities in the country of Poland and stateliness Duchy of Lithuania. Since lived under this Constitution to capture the Belarusian lands Russian empire.

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