Believers need to change the law on religion

Signature collectors hope that will join hundreds of people of different faiths.
On present day faithful Christians gathered 1089 signatures under an appeal to the configuration of the law "On freedom of conscience and religious organizations".
Co-chair of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Alexey Shein said, "Freedom":
"One of the more fundamental signs of this — is that it is not a political campaign and not a religious one. This company public, as she puts the puzzle more principled protection of public rights — the right to freedom of conscience, the right which concerns not only believers , and at least some human who lives in Republic of Belarus. What we are trying to impose the only correct ideology has also infringementand freedom of conscience. "
Orthodox priest of Holy Protection Church Alexander Shramko supported the initiative of Protestant believers.
During a press conference, he expressed the hope that the action of believers join all Christian denominations and non-Christian religions.
Pastor Church of Jesus Christ Chernoglaz Boris said that a preacher from the West prevent intelligence agencies.
"At soon many instances when people priests other states begin to "compress" the security services. They expect them to various locations. For example, cause a person to the Passport and Visa Department, and there he expects KGB officer and begins to ask different questions, to put pressure on the person. As a result, passport and visa services shall be removed such people continue visa. There are several cases where priests have left the country, and later they were not allowed reversed. "
The point of the church, "new life" Supreme Economic Tribunal stopped indefinitely. Believers explain this fact authorities not wish to create a judicial precedent, for many Protestant communities have eliminated on the basis of the law on religion, but even more threatening liquidation.
Vyacheslav Goncharenko not exclude that if believers fail, they will take a massive protest.

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