Believers struggle for the return of St. Joseph’s Church lasts

Once a day at 18.20 in Minsk on the steps of St. Joseph’s Church in the prayers of intention to return the shrine. Yesterday evening around 3 10 Male worshipers held a prayer service. However, here comes the main people Incline age.
Activist parish of St. Joseph Yvon Matsukevich is about church every day. Specifically through her hands more than 6 thousand signatures in support of the church, it is in correspondence with the authorities:
"We go, we pray, we ask God for mercy at the Pan about getting back to us this shrine. No response from the authorities there, although more than a month had passed since we sent the first letter. Letter to Presidential Administration sent on March 13. No answer. We proceed further — the answer is a must be . "
Why do not officials pay attention the demands of the faithful? Young patron Maria church expressed this worldview:
Woman: "I think so at the top, were sitting at the mercy of people who believe, faithful Christians who have been baptized or church, or in the Orthodox Church, this question even and is not intended to — to kill the church, not for believers. "
Parish of St. Joseph, which claims to be the monastic buildings and church, ready to take all the restoration work themselves. Outlook employee Catholic publishing house "Rro Christo" Nicholas Grakava:
"If the parish is ready to take it upon himself, this historical-cultural» object, I think the best fate understand. Because people really are fussing about it as their own toiletries. For believers, it is not just any wall, a building. This — a holy place where sacred rituals governed, where all is Jesus Christ. For this particular believers presently efforts and decide. "
Now the world is made visiting session of the Belarusian Republican Scientific Methodical Council on Monuments historical heritage on which should considered the project of reconstruction of buildings and church and monastery.
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