Bid farewell to Boris Yeltsin came to thousands of people

Many leaders of foreign countries and other foreign guests the highest attended the funeral Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Savior. This temple was destroyed during the reign of Joseph Stalin, and on-site buildings in Russian times was pool. Specifically Boris Yeltsin in 1991 ordered to return the temple.
Thousands of people came to say goodbye to the coffin Yeltsin yesterday and today. Many of them had read about our correspondent awards Yeltsin in the fight against the communist system.
Lady: "I, for example, I remember in 1991. He gave us the feeling that you are — people. It the most important thing. "
Some opponents of the former Yeltsin also came to give homage to the first Russian President. Here that said Reuters correspondent Alexander Rutskoi, past vice president of the Russian Federation, who in 1993, along with the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin tried to put down as president and then spent several months in prison:

"As a person, I treated him and treat very good, because he had all the properties desired great man. As for political situation of the past, so that’s a story — there’s no getting around it. "
In Russian society attitude to Yeltsin multivalued. According to a survey of sociological Levada last December, 70 percent of Russians believe that during the reign of Boris Yeltsin was manufactured more harm than utility. Many blame Yeltsin impoverishment of the population and the transfer of wealth under the control of the few Russian oligarchs.
Yeltsin’s coffin was lowered into the grave to the sound of today’s municipal anthem of the Russian Federation, whose music is taken from the Soviet national anthem. Boris Yeltsin only twice in public criticized his own successor, Vladimir Putin — the first time a Russian version was restored with an old hymn music and new words, and the second time when Putin abolished gubernatorial elections.
Previous Putin’s economic adviser Andrei Illarionov writes now in the publication "The magazine Everyday" that recent years life Yeltsin understood his greatest mistake — Putin. According to Illarionov, all made by Yeltsin for Russian freedom, methodically exterminated and destroyed today’s Russian government.

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