Bid to host the Chernobyl Way provide April 4

Midst of applicants shares — vice-chairman BPF Alexei Yanukevich member and BPF Yuras Zenkovich, member of the UCP and Valentina Polevikova vice-chairman BSDP (Gromada) Anatoly Sidorevich, reports BelaPAN.
Other founders of the organizing committee refused to put applicants shares, including Party of Communists of Belarus and one of the favorites Democratic Forces Alexander Milinkevich, who disagreed with the route of the march on April 26 in Minsk, but expressed willingness to support the preparation and holding of shares.
As said Freedom Alex Yanukevich, Minsk city executive committee will submit a request tomorrow, April 4. Applicants will be asked permission to collect protesters at 18.00 on Yakub Kolas where they will move along Independence Avenue to the State Library. There’s a rally planned for 20.00.

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