Boomer U.Kovzelev: I dream home village

"I come from a village evicted. Everything is buried. Bartolomeevka, talking, Varabevka, Pobuzhzha that were far away from the branches.
I know every track there. Sleep, and I dream of the shore of the conversation. I also wish there being
In Vetka district, we determined the level of radioactive contamination of goods. Monitored eight villages. The resulting information delivered to residents.
Made there also a sociological survey. Porazdavali profiles a thousand residents, ask them to answer the questions. On the one tysche we got 720 questionnaires.
From the responses concluded that malehankih villages nobody inspects food. In larger settlements have something else in this case. A branch once in district 20 percent of the inhabitants are from time to time to check the products.
Dosimeters not. The state program, whereby promised population dosimeters failed. However, with On the other hand, People said: "For us, there is nothing else."
In pictures:

In distress list — lost village

On blackboard empty buildings line condolences

Forever destroyed a children’s corner

Sberbank — sign blown life in Belarus

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