BPF and UCP relate differently to the leadership of the democratic forces

Both parties — and BPF and UCP — discussed strategy for the 5 regional conferences democratic forces that will occur in the coming weeks.
Delegate given proper advice. But the vote on the regional mini-congresses sanctuary, and, of course, any of the delegates will vote because it sees fit.
And yet in the party structures be and a certain party discipline, says BPF favorite Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"From the party must come clear annotation to your friends on the regional conference. And we concluded that in the interests of BPF and national-democratic forces to speak out for the election of the chairman of the Political Council with th spikerskimi presentable opportunities.
In other words, vote on the first item a day or provincial assembly of the first embodiment. Sustarashynevstva — the least efficient model. And such makarom, we support the most effective organizational matters for the control circuit. "
And here at the Joint Management civilian party the other eye. It acts specifically for the institute’s co-chairmanship. And oh so explains his favorite position UCP Anatol Lyabedzka:
"At this stage we need to rely not on the election arithmetic favorite, and strengthening of the coalition, we have. To go out and work campaign in House of Representatives autumn 2008.
And if we keep the coalition, then we keep perspective on all campaign, where the need is personal candidacy to have consolidated 25%.
So now society in 25-30% of people who all presidential campaigns vote for someone who stands representative of a democratic society. Cancel this prospect.
If we say that certainly the favorite to be elected at the moment, at the moment, through the math, we can damage the coalition. We can form two, three or four centers that will compete among themselves. "

Last weekend took place the first two regional conference — yes Minsk Gomel. On Friday, May 4, planned urban mini-congress in Minsk.

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