BPF Party — about the destruction of historical monuments in Grodno and Minsk

Sejm offers roundtables, public hearings on which are be responsible peremptory structures.
Activists Association "Revival" are ready to make national public protection committees historical center of Grodno and protection of Bernardine church.
Historian and Anatoly Titov heraldist expressed such a world:

Anatoly Titov: "Such lapses do, because they do not have enough education, historical and aesthetic taste."

"I think the public will be able to defend all of these things over time. We first destroy everything, and later restore all destroyed. This, in my eyes, birthmarks socialist nihilism.
There’s nothing unusual about this disease growth I think. And such mistakes do not suffice as a comprehensive education. Lacks historical and aesthetic taste. "
18 months, the authorities carried out the reconstruction of the central part of Grodno. In the process she suffered archaeological monuments and buildings late XIX — early XX centuries.
Grodno officials, plans to damage the development of the historical center of Grodno (from 30% to 40% of the total area within the boundaries of the buffer zone of an old town). "In case of vandalism will last, PA BPF" Revival "will seek verbovaniya criminally liable initiators of perestroika historical center of Grodno," the statement said BNF "Revival".

Street Urickogo Grodno abmyarayuts an old castle before her mistakes. Authorities promise that novazbudavany house will look outside as old (photo by Sergey Ostrovtseva).

Building St. Joseph’s Church and Bernardine Monastery — a unique monument of architecture of the XVII century historic center of Minsk. According to the project, with plans to make a monument of architecture of hotel and entertainment complex with a casino, swimming pool, bowling alley and restaurant.

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