Briefing in Washington: What has changed in Belarus over the last year?

Chance whether the transformation of the Belarusian regime? Official Minsk is ready to expand contacts with the West? What is the situation with the means are independent mass disk imaging? Pretty quickly responds to opposition actions such as energy conflict with Russia?
These and other questions from journalists and politicians Belarusian guests meet a half hour. Immediately after the briefing, Yang Maksimyuk by telephone from Washington shared his impressions of the briefing:
— Overall intrigued always the same — "when the same in Belarus will come some configuration?" Motivate their internal situation, the dynamics withrelationship between regime and the opposition, as the question of how people relate to on» union with Russia, which constantly reads the President.
I think that the more sudden for the Yankees had information that more than 80% of the ruling elite in Belarus does not wish any of» union with Russia and. According to the poll, would have voted against such» about unity, if a referendum was held the coming weeks. While in the midst of ordinary Belarusians do not wish it on» unity around 30%. Since Belarus ceases several different perspective.

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