Brussels welcomes the release of political prisoners

The EU welcomes the premature release of 3-Belarusian political prisoners. "We hold the hope that the same will soon be released other political prisoners", — added the Commissioner.
In vserasprostranennom now press release is welcome for a technical meeting of European and Belarusian professionals in the field of energy and transport situation on January 28-30 in Minsk, Belarus, and also meeting European environmental experts in Brussels on February 7.

cooperation would help us greatly increment Belarus

As the Commissioner said, "holding similar meetings of technical professionals could put the base of strong cooperation provided Belarus make steps toward democratization. "According to Ferrero-Waldner," cooperation would help us greatly increment Belarus in the field of economic and environmental development that would improve the state of life in Belarus. "
In November 2006, placed the document "What the EU could bring to Belarus", in which outlines the advantages which could be a result of entry into the country on the path of democratization.
Now EU assistance focused on supporting bounded domains: social and civilian society. The priority areas for assistance to Belarus The European Commission sees higher education and media-independent.

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