Businessmen waiting for the Ministry of Economy configuration decisions

Entrepreneurs are able to substantiate the Government that this provision may cause the collapse of thousands of companies and the return to a shortage times. But the final decision is no Ministry of Economy.
Ministry of Economy decree number 179 published on September 3, and would have to enter into force 10 days. It concerns a significant sector of the consumer market, import occupies about 15 percent of trade in food products and about 30 — inedible. After numerous appeals and business alliances and negotiations department has decided to adjust its own normative act. This was confirmed by a representative of the Ministry of Economy of Belarus Natalia Poteyko with reference to the Deputy Minister Vladimir Adashkevich:
"The question in exploring … The last disk imaging yet, Adashkevich said that about Thursday we will provide information."
Motifs that sounded Economy Ministry in making this decision, the following: protect Belarusian producers of products from overseas expansion and limit price increases. There are third motive — to reduce the deficit of foreign trade, which zopoluchilo rampant — about 3 billion dollars.
179th decree the Ministry of Economy has been a real shock to the business. According to the chairman of the Union of Legal Entities Viktor Margelov, she touched thousands of medium and small companies, and thousands of individual entrepreneurs engaged in trade. This does not just hurt, and has called the existence of a danger of their business. In addition, Belarusians would immediately felt the lack of quality of imported products, and supplying countries imports could make such steps in regard to the export of Belarusian terrain on their products. Managing Trade and Economic Mission of Ukraine Petro Laishev said, "Freedom", that this decision is already studied in the Ukrainian government.
Bearer Minsk enterprise which conducts foreign trade the clothes and bed linen, Catherine

Resolution of the Ministry of Economy — sabotage national scale …

Siskin Economy Ministry calls the ruling "a national scale diversion" from which would be unprofitable virtually all trade imports:
"I myself have two benches. And I counted 10 thousand dollars I have, for example, will purchase, let my permitted to increase my costs will be 5100, I have two rental shops only 3400. Plus taxes — it’s 4200. Two Sisters I work (I have a home business), they must pay a minimum of $ 400. I myself am still 100 bucks on the content of my family. "
By Catherine finch, small business growth of its products, which would provide an opportunity to develop the business, is not 30 and 70 percent.
Party talks in the Ministry of Economy, Chairman of the Union of Legal Entities Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship Viktor Margelov indicates that the government accepted the arguments of the business side and agreed not only to facilitate this decision, and change approaches — at the moment is discussed so called circuit "20 30". Refers to the fact that this trade will gain derived transportation and customs fees, interest on the loan and other costs.
"Later on top you can still add these costs to 20 percent of gross income from which you have to pay their employees, and so on. And later still the top 30 percent of the trading gain within the country."
Viktor Margelov believes that most of these characteristics of entrepreneurs meet. On certain types of products, such as gold, perfumes, business growth in general will not be adjusted. Difficulties remain except for those importers who sell expensive products, expect your own buyer for months. But this is a small sector of the market, and with all this government party finds how and assist them to maintain their own business.
A distinguished chairman of the Belarusian Union of businessmen Potupa considers that the situation with the decree number 179 showed the vicious practice of closed adoption regulations.
"We always calling and call on the authorities: yes Demonstrate your projects! But the authorities in most cases it is very awkward to do, since no justification is not. There is a willful decision Behold hit in the head to any of the ministers, to break up, and there is a business. It’s scary. Because of this, the government and the country as a whole has a big loss. "

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