Can the Council of Europe assist the Belarusian democracy?


Discussions are political analyst Andrei Fedorov and past officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Karen Akopov.
Indicating that the barometer?
Valery Karbalevich: "The position of the Council of Europe (CE) can be regarded as a specific case barometram European institutions regarding Belarus. In the near future this position in relation to the Belarusian management was quite suitable. In January Minsk visited President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Rene van der Linden. Position new rapporteur on Belarus PACE political committee of the Italian deputy Rigoni also aimed at dialogue.
So regular visit of the Belarusian opposition in control Strasbourg, their meeting with the management of OM. Yesterday a meeting of a special subcommittee on Belarus PACE management role with OM. Alexander Milinkevich, commenting on his meeting, noted that the Council of Europe no longer will do steps towards Minsk until he sees changes in the position of Belarus. So that at this point indicates that the barometer? Apparently, the interest on the dialogue with Belarus, which was observed in January, is now gone? "
Andrei Fedorov, "If indeed the Council of Europe considers the position barometram West’s position, at the moment it indicates uncertainty. However, I would pastsyarogsya read that in January the Council of Europe had an interest with respect to relations with Belarus. Visiting Minsk Rene van der Linden — it is his personal initiative. Incidentally, there is a formal decision of the PACE, which prohibits contacts leading persons of this structure to the management of Belarus. But this formal aspect of the case.
More fundamentally, the visit Rene van der Linden did not give any result. Configurations in the internal politics of Belarus failed. Hence, this uncertainty. "
Karbalevich: "I wish to note that in addition to the visit Rene van der Linden, there were other steps taken by the West."
Karen Akopov "If vorachivatsya to visit Rene van der Linden in Minsk, that although he was held in January, but is ready to start in August 2006. Murmured against him is not necessary. Simply ER finds ways to influence Belarus. Another thing is that the preparation and holding of this visit is not consistent with the democratic forces of Belarus, I consider wrong. "
Changed whether the position of the official Minsk in its relations with Europe?
Karbalevich: "At a press conference last Thursday Alexander Lukashenko reiterated its earlier position that we are ready for dialogue with Europe, but without any criterion concerning democratization in Belarus. And the current practice (continued repression) indicates that the Belarusian management is not going to make concessions Europe. How would you comment on the position of Belarus? "
Fedorov: "The Belarusian authorities take a firm stand. And she will not change until the authorities will not feel any danger. Europe tried to embody all really probable means of pressure on Belarus. But so far without result. Belarusian authorities and behold the low efficiency of the impact from the West, and therefore behave accordingly.
Conflict with Russia and the other day after New Year’s, for sure, a little scared the Belarusian authorities. But soon they saw that the threat of for their still small. Because they do not make concessions. "
Akopov: "Mr. Lukashenko has never said how he sees the dialogue with the European institutions did not offer unfolded his vision of this dialogue, not defined the conditions, objectives, forms part of the conversation. G. Milinkevich referred to it" dialogue for dialogue’s sake " .
But RE pays great attention to relations with Belarus. Of 205 questions a day or agenda PACE 9 dedicated to Belarus. Stress that this is non-thematic and country issues.
To become a member of the Council of Europe must join certain units of the organization. For example, we must recognize yurispundentsiyu Euro Court of Human Rights, abolishing the death penalty and so on. But the current regime this problem Now is unsolvable. "
Karbalevich: "What about the topic of the negotiations. 2-In an interview with European media in January Lukashenko suggested topic of the negotiations. These are questions of economic relations, energy. Belarus offers itself as the guarantor of reliable transit barrier penetration in Europe drugs, illegal immigrants and others. Responding Europe needs to give some economic preferences. But issues of democracy and human rights must be taken outside the brackets and open a discussion. It seems true position defined and understood. "
Akopov: "But is not engaged in ER economies, just issues of democracy and human rights. Because when we talk about the relations between Belarus and the Council of Europe, the need to read on the field in which the organization operates. Lukashenko But not ready to open a discussion these questions, and try to do everything to make to Cart economy. "
Karbalevich: "It turns out that if the issues of democracy and human rights are carried out of the brackets, the dialogue between Belarus and the ER there is little, as they say at the moment, a day or agenda.
Is there a way out of the vicious circle?
Karbalevich: "As a result of yesterday’s meeting of the ad hoc subcommittee on Belarus PACE, an international conference on the Belarusian issue, which can be created so called" troika "of representatives of PACE, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the OSCE to coordinate the positions of the European institutions regarding Belarus. Obviously, coordination is better than none. But mention that this "troika" was previously, and its representatives came to Minsk, but without much results. Does it seem to you that the European institutions in the decision of the Belarusian issue at an impasse, moving in circles? "
Fedorov: "Unfortunately, it seems. Indeed, the" troika "was without much results. Later, by the way, tried to regain its activity. In January 2004 he was pass her visit to Minsk. But do not take place, because European politicians had the impression that they are not very expected.
All the same, this "troika" composed of representatives of different organizations. In addition, for example, includes representatives of the OSCE PA has very different states in terms of democracy, for example, Sweden and Turkmenistan.
Now about the conference. If it is held in Minsk, then there will not be invited representatives of the opposition, as happened with the seminar, which was held by Uta Zapf. And if the conference will be held in an EU country, I doubt that the official Belarusian authorities there right PEPs.
And finally, yesterday the chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Margelov said Our homeland that also interested in participating in this conference. Here we will get there intercessor position of the official Minsk. "
Akopov "ER Milinkevich made some suggestions. For example, do the universities of Belarus information centers, which will deal with public information about the European values and democracy. Council of Europe should also bring its activities to civilian society in Belarus.
What about the conference. Not defined its purpose, what outcome we want to get. As I understand it, the organizer of the conference seeks to conduct its dialogue between government and opposition in maderatarstve international structures. The idea is not bad, but for real? And what questions they will open
a discussion? Very fine would be there to discuss the configuration in the electoral legislation recently elections to the House of Representatives. Another thing is whether it will power? "

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