CCP BPF expressed support for the management of Estonia

The letter states that " soon Our homeland intensified campaign against the Estonian country and the Estonian people. Manage Kremlin instigated boycott of Estonian products in Russia, adopted a number of other measures of economic pressure Estonia. Throughout the Russian Federation launched a provocative campaigns to embarrass the Estonian people, its national traditions. Russian vandals damaged and killed several monuments Estonian heroes who fought against Russian anger in 1918 and 1940. Only thanks to Prof. Estonian police action and adequate behavior of Estonian society authorities managed to restore order in the country. "
In a letter to the CCP BPF draws attention that "on the whole territory of Russia the woods and fields lie unburied remains of millions of victims of communist repression and wars, many burial abandoned and destroyed. This shameful fact do not care managers and society of. Specifically Our homeland is the case for example of the barbaric graves of victims. in Belarus on orders from Moscow pro-Moscow regime has repeatedly tried to kill the popular monuments on the graves of victims of the Russian communist occupation in Kurapaty near Minsk and other places, but Belarusians defended their shrines. "
According to the creators letters, "the real purpose of the brutal actions of the Russian Federation is not taking care of a bronze statue, and providing a third presidential term for Putin sovereign. Specifically for this artificially created international tensions and held demagogic processing Russian population, for which the Kremlin control is next opponents."
• a day of victory in Minsk burned flag of Estonia

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