Chernobyl liquidators make the latest company

Chernobyl was a meeting of living in the Minsk region. The participants endorsed the idea of the modern organization. Coordinates the creation of a member of the Joint civilian party, liquidator Alexander Volchanin
"The organization is created in order to protect the rights of the liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy. Historically, we have to Republic of Belarus No such strong Chernobyl unions, as in Russia and Ukraine. We have the same for 20 years did not happen either 1st union members. People are calling from all over the country, they say that we need such an organization, "- says Volchanin.
In the first years after Chernobyl tragedy in Belarus Chernobyl social movement has been active. There are 10 matches of the number of organizations affected by radiation people liquidators of disaster persons condoled them. They found rapport with the then authorities. With the advent Alexander Lukashenko the country’s attitude to public movement changed. Most of the structures has been the existence of Chernobyl. Meanwhile, at Chernobyl, their difficulties are burning and at the moment.
"We lived there for 6 years. Had indispensable resettlement. 6 years lived in the radiation and no benefits have not. Initially we were given incentives in the form of travel by bus and train free of charge. Later these benefits canceled and now there is nothing. Radiation on the health of all affected. Toddlers unhealthy — thyroid, vision … I, for example, pressure. I underwent surgery. And there are no benefits. hopes on this company can help somehow, "- says migrant from Vetkovskiy District Evdokia Tkachev.
Meeting in support of Chernobyl latest organization and held in Gomel. According to the liquidator of Basil Siliverstov Kalinkovichi, local residents need the newest structure: "It has long been needed. But we supposedly awakened. Bureaucrats became disabled Chernobyl, and we military liquidators who lived and worked there for six months, stayed in fool. Status of protest have each liquidator. I will say the example of their own fellow liquidators who died that very highest among them percentage of death and disability. "
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