Chernobyl victims may cancel benefits

The plans for the relocation — Narovlya inhabitants. Authorities prepare leaving here in a clean area 29 families. Special states in Chernobyl issues Narovlya executive committee Marina Sychev:
Sychev, "in other words This year these 29 families will be provided with housing. In other words organized resettled families where more zabruzhanasts from 15 to 40 curies. She called subsequent resettlement area. "
Reporter: "Why do not they leave earlier?"
"I did not ask why. Maybe there was no desire."
Future immigrants live in villages Narovlyansky Kirov Verbovichi, Luben. From the village of Luben are going to leave three families. They are all seniors. If you throw their homes, there will remain for 11 people. Among them Natalia Yakovleva, who works as a medical assistant.
Yakovlev: "In remake, I got a job. Vo-2, I can not be resettled by law. We allowed resettlement for those who survived the explosion of radiation here. And I’m under this article do not fit. I came to this area has long, almost 15 years ago . "
Hope for change in the Chernobyl legislation that would have allowed her to qualify for resettlement, Madame Yakovleva not.
By Alexander Volchanin liquidator of Zhodino, she’s right. Legislation planned configuration, which further restrict the rights of victims of Chernobyl. April 11 activist who reaches the creation of modern public organizations "Liquidator", visited House of Representatives:
Volchanin: "I had a conversation with the chairman of the committee on Chernobyl Vitaly Kulik. He confirmed that in a new bill lose all privileges the liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy. Benefits will not have any. MPs who were not in Chernobyl, and are not participants of liquidation this problem not needed. I believe that it all comes from the Council of Ministers. There they say about some economic miracle and immediately burst benefits. "

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