Chernobyl Way plan of the area to the State Library Kolasa

Organizers of the "Chernobyl Way" has already sent to the Minsk City Executive befitting request. They need to resolve to hold a march from Yakub Kolas to the State Library. Such a route is selected for the first time, as during in recent years authorities gave permission to march in the direction of the park exclusively Friendship of Peoples, on the area of Bangalore. Sovereign Nikitchenko explains so desire to go to the State Library:
"There’s more people. Well, the general format is somehow need to change. "
While the response from the city authorities on this application no.
Nikitchenko scientist says: "Chernobyl Way" — this is another attempt to remind everyone afterdstviya very catastrophe affecting the health of civilization:
"It is not because half of Belarusians. Once a year we lose 40-50 thousand inhabitants. And then so be it. UN experts (and they usually give truthful forecasts) warned that 2020 will not be a million Belarusians. And if the government and nothing further will do, then in general by 2050 may remain 6.5 — 6.8 million souls. Where did go? Laws of biology have laws. "
Valentine Palevikova working in the organizing committee of the Joint About» civilian party, states that it is for her not only the party request, and a personal matter:
"For me, it is very tragic event. It so happened that April 27, 1986 I and my eldest son went to Bragin, to our relatives. No disk imaging disaster was not. And we were there after radioactive rain. I almost felt some electronic flavor of this disaster. I fortunately had the brain to return to Minsk. It was May 1. We rode the bus and beheld as in Bragin, Khoiniki in Rechitza prazdnichek collected on people with banners, flowers, balloons. And walked, celebrated day of solidarity of workers. " The organizing committee was created on March 29. It consists of representatives of BPF, UCP, PKB, the Social Democrats, as some public organizations.

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