China can invade TAIWAN BY 2020

China can invade TAIWAN BY 2020
In his yearly report to the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan warned neighboring countries, the U.S. and its own people, that by 2020 China could perform «successful invasion of the island,» reported October 9.

Beijing holds overarching upgrading its own military capabilities, including weapons directly aimed to counter the United States’ ability to intervene in defense of Taiwan. This anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles, anti-satellite weapon, cruise missiles, long-range, modern fighters, several classes of nuclear submarines and everyday. Taiwan belongs to these preparations seriously.

The island government should invest significant resources in defense, namely the establishment of a modern system of air defense systems, mine warfare and protivorabelnyh missiles. Taiwan gets renovated in the U.S. basic patrol aircraft P-3 Orion, SAM Patriot, RCC Harpoon, minesweepers, is developing a family of anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles.

There are two areas of military equipment, where Taiwan loses to China. This modern fighter-interceptors and diesel submarines. U.S. refused to implement new fighter F-16C / D for substitution of outdated F-16A / B, any manufacturer of modern diesel-electric submarines and did not dare to experience the wrath of Beijing, selling them to Taiwan.

The report said that the United States should make greater efforts to increase the safety of Taiwan, namely, to strengthen the defense bases and facilities, including the formation of a missile defense system on the peninsula make enough supplies of fuels and lubricants (POL), ammunition and spare parts. Moreover, Washington should increase its own and its military capacity to neutralize the threat from the PLA method of construction of more nuclear-powered attack submarine class «Virginia», new remote strategic bombers, laser weapons systems for ships, tankers KC-46A and the distant drone radius acts which may be based on aircraft carriers.

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