CHINA counteract U.S. intelligence activities from their shores

CHINA counteract U.S. intelligence activities from their shores
China urged the United States to end its intelligence activities in their own coastal waters, reports now In the past 10 years, China vigorously opposes U.S. intelligence activities of ships and aircraft.

South American media report that the South American intelligence ships often become encounter on the high seas with the actions of Chinese fishing boats that are «deliberately stand in their way, especially in the evening.» From time to time engaged in persecution Chinese warships and aircraft.

It is reported that this practice resembles cool times of war between the USSR and the United States, even when their ships faced head-on. Some South American reconnaissance planes were shot down by Russian fighters. In the late 1960s, such collisions began to decline, and in 1972 the Russian Alliance and the United States signed an agreement on the rules of conduct at sea. In the near future China vigorously protested against the entry of American ships at a distance of 22 km from their own coast.

More active intelligence activities are so called. U.S. research vessels (pictured), which in the main crew manned civilian personnel. These ships use sonar and other underwater sensors to collect disk imaging, including Chinese submarines. China is concerned about the appearance of these vessels at the island of Hainan, where the newcomer posted submarine base PLA Navy.

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