China has become the world’s fourth largest arms exporter

China has become the world's fourth largest arms exporter
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released the problems of the 17th report of the bill, which states that China ranked 4th in the world in arms export reports now

Chinese buyers have become tools of the 35 states, the first three places are occupied by Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Western media believe that importing countries are ‘moderate’, but China is able over time to enter the market and developed countries.

China and Pakistan jointly developed a JF-17 fighter aircraft and main battle tank «Khalid.» Russian news agency RIA Announces said that in 2012-2015, Pakistan received six Chinese stealth F-22P frigates totaling 970.9 million U.S. dollars. Ship resettled 76 mm gun mounts, antiship and antiaircraft missiles and helicopter Z-9.

The report also said that China has the ability to overcome Western companies in a competitive struggle for the supply of military equipment to Algeria, Morocco and Indonesia. In August 2010, the South American Defense News source said that Morocco has purchased 150 Chinese main battle tanks VT1A (pictured), which will form the basis of the tank fleet of the country in the coming 20 years. These tanks are better suited for operations in desert criteria than the existing army has M60A3 South American and French AMX-30. Tank made on the basis of IMT-2000, has a combat weight of 49 tons, has overestimated mobility resettled modern fire control system and powerful 125 mm smoothbore gun capable of hitting moving targets at a distance of 2000 m Tank has a modern thermal imager adapted to operate at the highest outside air temperature in the environment criteria dusty sand.

In 2009, Algeria bought Chinese training ship, which is naikrupneyshim in his fleet. First, this year began shipping 50 Chinese 155 mm self-propelled howitzers PZL45.

Indonesia and Thailand for their own elected Chinese Navy anti-ship missiles S-802. RCC has a length of 6.8 m, a warhead weighing 165 kg and a range greater than 120 km.

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