Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ Belarus

At Holy Spirit Cathedral is another festive service began and the 7th in the morning. Many believers came to pray together with the children.
Reporter: "Who is in your hands?"
Lady: "Grandson. Yesterday was 5 years old. "
Reporter "was not hard to get up?"
Lady: "No, he was asked to."
Reporter: "Why so early?"
Another lady, "No, it’s not too early. True believers, then in the evening the night defended his own."
Many people also come to sanctify Easter eggs and other food. They laid born on longish tables, also stood in line to collect holy water.
Man: "This holy water, it is also the priest blesses Easter. Helping. Over the last day."
Ivan church worker says that also is at work from yesterday, but it must follow because there is still president’s visit.
"People have become more go to God, to truth, to love."
In the Cathedral of Saint Mary the morning Mass began a festive procession around the temple. Go to the temple could not all, because the church is full. Crowded at Easter there is always reads the employee, Ms. Janina church:
"Very many people: kids, youth. Only on the vigil about two hundred people were praying. "
Many people prayed in the yard and even on the street.
Guy: "And we did not go. We were on the all-night vigil for the youth, and now here at Mass".
Reporter: "What do you prazdnichek this?"
Guy: "As with all Christian believers — one of the greatest."
Bishop Anthony Dyamyanka who conducted Mass congratulated congratulate all believers.
"Let your mouth with now and throughout the Easter period, all around hear whoop whoop of joy and hope: Christ is Risen! Risen Indeed" Alelyuya! "
Vigil in Minsk took place in churches throughout a day or, will also continue in the coming days of Easter.

Consecration of Easter in the Orthodox Church

Entrance to the Cathedral

Consecration of Easter in the Orthodox Church

Easter consecrates Bishop Anthony Demyanko

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