Chronicle of the political crisis in Ukraine: April 5,

At a meeting of the Council for Public Security and Defence, President Yushchenko said that cancels its own decree dissolving parliament and early elections. Referring to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, who comes to the Board, Yushchenko said:
"The Law of Ukraine did not give anyone the right to do this decree. Please refer to the Constitutional Tribunal, configure those decisions within the legal field, are considered appropriate, but I will never go to a compromise, that the decree was not produced."
The President claimed that the government provided funding for early elections, he recalled that his failure to comply with the decree pulls a criminal act. After President Prime Minister said what you need await the decision of the Constitutional Court, but only after taking what whatsoever act. Yanukovych left natsbyaspeki meeting of the Council before the end. Natsbyaspeki glad to oblige the government to own meeting until April 7 to fund a premature election.
It is worth recalling that on April 2 Verkhovna Rada forbade government to allocate funds for early elections. April 3rd parliament forbade the National Bank to allocate funds for the election campaign.
Now Viktor Yanukovych held a press conference at which he repeated his previous stance on the implementation of the presidential decree, in its issue of premature elections must be removed from the agenda a day or, at least until the verdict of the Constitutional Court. On the question whether the government will fund early elections, Yanukovych said:
"It’s unreal. I once answered this question. This is unrealistic to do under the law."
The Prime Minister also called for a sudden international mediation in the conflict:
"Today, I turned to the Federal Chancellor of Austria Alfred Guzenbavera to mediate in resolving the conflict situation in Ukraine. Avctryya known as neutral democratic government with the same legal tradition. "
Coalition offers await the decision of the Constitutional Court. But it will have to wait quite a long time, said last arbiter of the Constitutional Court, Presidential Adviser on Legal Affairs Volodymir Shapoval:
"Based on experience, I think it’s more than 2 months. If it is significantly accelerated, in other words there working heroes of Ukraine".
Meanwhile presidential decree provides for the holding of elections until May 27.
Now Viktor Yushchenko in an interview with the English "Gardian" said Viktor Yanukovych’s policies could lead to an explosion of violence and repetition in Kiev events that took place in Moscow in October 1993, when the conflict between the branches of government escalated into armed confrontation.
In turn, Viktor Yanukovych during a telephone conversation with EU High Representative for foreign policy chief Javier Solana said that absolutely excludes the possibility of force to resolve the political crisis in the country.
Now, past chairman of the Pechersk district court in Kiev, dismissed in time president, the secretary of the court selected print zbivshy it. Former referee accompanied past chairman of the Central Election Commission, Verkhovna Rada deputy Sergei Kivalav, threatening behavior arbitrators Pechersk court dismissal. This tribunal reversed the decision of the Verkhovna Rada on the abolition of the presidential decree on early elections.
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