Chronicle Ukrainian political crisis: April 9,

In Easter message, President Yushchenko said that the situation will not reach the public confrontation. He, namely, said:
"My decision — the constitutionality and legality, Turning back the clock will not. I guarantee that there will be a public confrontation. Law enforcement and security agencies follow the instructions right president in this regard. New elections will be free and fair."
The President explained that the Parliament illegally created a constitutional majority coalition, which would become uncontrollable. "It will limit your rights and change the system in the country. This is called usurpation of power" — the president said, referring to the Ukrainian people.
The government refuses to fund elections and the Verkhovna Rada continued their meetings. They insist, it must await the decision of the Constitutional Court as to whether a presidential decree to dissolve parliament and early elections to the Basic Law.
Now deputies supporters peremptory coalition, which is most of the deputies, took an appeal to the people of Ukraine. In it, namely, that "in Ukraine there was a threat of loss of statehood, the reason — and attempt to commit a municipal coup under the guise of premature termination of opportunities of Parliament."
"We are not against early elections. Assigned We are against illegal elections, against the creation of a precedent that will lead Ukraine to the state of the former Yugoslavia" — said in a proclamation.
MPs advocate for premature passing, presidential and parliamentary elections, also for a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO. According to the polls, with the accession of Ukraine to the North Atlantic Alliance expressed a little more than 20% of people.
Supreme Council also adopted an appeal to the heads of state, governments and parliaments European states with a request to restore their own representatives as observers to the developments in Ukraine.

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