Citations a day or — 16 April

"Dialogue with the government is likely only if the step by step some criterion. Around this at the moment there is a discussion. Some believe that the criterion is not necessary to put — if only was the dialogue. And here we are equally fundamentally look at this moment."

Alexander Milinkevich met with the head of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Rene van der Linden.
"Mode reached the upcoming level. This is his brand new purpose. There is more than a country where the law really made, although the government still tries to verbally act within the law. At this point we were somewhere between Belarus and Zymbabve, and some believe that Police act on the streets of the capital were as violent as the police act on the streets of Minsk. "

Favourite movement "Other Our homeland" Garry Kasparov on the detention of opposition in Russia.

"In the day of solidarity globally tell who such Lev Sapieha Belarus and who Lev Sapieha itself to Europe. "

Youth activist BPF Franak Vyachorka new puzzles Days of Solidarity.

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