Citations a day or — 23 April

"With this man I have linked excellent memoirs — before Vezhoy in Viskuly well and after Viskuli. I am in almost all cases it was hot supporter, and had no reason to sulk when I walked away, and he remained president. So I have the most excellent memoir about ethat peopleAnd is I think, that what they say in Russia, many that almost all failed, because he did not act well, then I would have said he was the first president, and act well — very difficult. I am very sorry that he died so early. "

Past chairman Supreme Council S.Shushkevich Belarus — on the role of Boris Yeltsin

"It’s harsh policies, which confirmed its own political weight to certain things. Practically it began construction of democracy in Russia. Certainly, I miss about death such person. Naturally, he made mistakes, but overall I appreciate its role in the modern history positively. If you assess the situation, which was under Yeltsin with freedom of speech, with human rights — very different from the current situation in Russia. "

Past Deputy Supreme Council USSR Viktor Kornienko — the role of Boris Yeltsin

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