Civil marriage: Pros and Cons

Minsker Yuri GAEV marriage civilian lives in its tenth year and officially register their business is not going to:
"I’m not against marriage, as of early pabrannya categorically opposed. This severe problem in our country. Especially when they start" yulozits "mind the possibility of obtaining an apartment at third child, people rush into marriage, the madness begins. This race is unnecessary because later have very very calculated. These are not empty words, if we compare the statistics of marriage and divorce. Virtually present day any second family — created anew after the divorce of any of the parties. Boast that many marriages. But no one counts the number of re-marriages and how many were before this divorce. And though what divorce — this trauma. And still excellent, if not the kids. "
The Ministry of Justice has prepared a special certificate. In her notes, citizens are not taken marriage, can not claim to appropriate law spouses.
Since the creation of this family are moral rights — the right to determine the name of the kid up residence and citizenship. However, in accordance with the Code of civilians, but the lady who was married has the right to seek child support for the baby. The man has no such ability.
Psychologist Inessa Borisov explained that is born out of wedlock baby is not entitled to maintenance. A child support for the baby can be obtained only after a complicated legal procedure determine paternity:
"No one can be the enemy or civilian propagandist marriages. But kids should be born in the official family. Because children need, so that was guaranteed legal protection. A plainclothes marriage, they do not have it. And, of course, when the family officially appears, then people as I think, more thoroughly to this approach, more vibrantly. But honestly, everything depends on the people themselves, and not on the presence of a stamp in the passport. "
Mother of many Veronica Hunger, as she says, "spouse" with 29 years of experience, I’m sure: life without debt, as it happens in the civilian status, allowing peasants to do their family responsibilities. And first in the education of children.
"Because the only way, I believe all of us to ascend, and not only to large, and all the mothers who are thinking about the fate of their own kids, who wish to, so that their kids are well trained, well get better, be healthy, go out and just ask, are clamoring to us directed attention . "
By law, all rights to the property and liabilities in the maintenance and protection of the family appear only if the marriage is officially registered. Then spouses have equal rights to joint property even in this case, if some of them did not work, and engaged in child care or led household.
Property relationship between "Civilians" wives are governed by the law of common ownership. This means that the property is not acquired together is common property. And in case razyhodu, such treasure to share, respectively attachments.
"What do you say to your children when you find out that they have decided to live a civilian marriage?"
On this question meet people on the street and Kalvaryjskaya Olszewski.

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