Colonel Vladimir Zametalin openly spoken about the relationship with the opposition Lukashenko … West

"Star" in 1927, explains: "In the Lenin Institute come from individuals and institutions inquiries regarding what day — 22 or April 23 — finds the correct date of birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Vladimir Illich was born April 10, 1870 on the old one style or 22 to the newcomer, as in the 19th century the difference between these styles was 12 days. Due to the fact, that at the moment adopted a new style, the correct date of birth of Vladimir Ilyich should be considered specifically April 22. "
In 1937, "Lim" to the 5th anniversary of the decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) the restructuring of the literary and artistic organizations writes: "Before the Belarusian literature all its genres, not counting puzzles show positive images of fighters for a new society, it is necessary to show task in fiction dvurushnitstva and sabotage, bureaucratic blagadushnasts and sycophancy. {Is not no life in our wretched remnants of the past with … than you need fight? ..} We need to show in fiction vile person three times prezrennyh Trotskyites, rightists and natsdemov — all the trash, which prevents the population of the earth to go to progress. "
"Narodnaya Volya"
In 1997 "Narodnaya Volya"Recalls:" How not to remember — when time MP Alexander Lukashenko openly denounced corruption and flogged, only Colonel Vladimir Zametalin openly spoken about "communication Lukashenko opposition" with … West. But time is running together with him and the characters change. With convicting Vladimir Petrovich turned into a defender of the presidential honor. At least here such makarom — someone else’s hands, not his ideas. "

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