Computer games and the harsh reality

Computer games and the harsh reality
One of the most pessimistic scenarios of light coming

In 2014-2015, the global financial-economic and socio-political crises seek their own peak. Immediately to the U.S. concept becomes very long task of encirclement and military control of China. These criteria for the U.S. and NATO topical becomes the goal to eliminate the Russian Federation as an active player in the political arena. There is a creation of mobile teams of terrorist fighters — international scum. Young people are gaining in the Central Asian states and «pumped» to spetsbazy training, for example, in parts of Afghanistan, and later throw back and «pumped» in Central Asia.

How to capture Russia

In Ulyanovsk region, where transport and logistics center the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO is preparing a massive destabilization of the socio-political situation in order to spread this destabilization in Tyumen gas-oil complex and the Volga region.

When you start the first step of destabilization massively «pumped» fighters from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya and other countries rapidly collected from around the world, numbering in the 5-20 thousand bayonets that now technologically worked out in Syria. Militias are concentrated in the regions of Central Asia, particularly in the Ferghana valley, in the Northern Caucasus, the Volga and the Russian-Kazakh border. Ultimately NATO is located near Tyumen oil and gas transport network NATO North provides infrastructure support rebel forces and wage cuts immediately Moscow from oil and gas.

Once in Moscow and several large major cities carried out mass actions in the framework of the «color revolutions.» At this time against Russia full of cosmic and air support immediately applied to 10 thousand cruise missiles and order thousands of subversive groups special operations forces, accompanied Sotke unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and provided with all necessary Fri sea-based, which like the petals of lilies are scattered across the surface of the oceans. All this makes not only Russian nuclear weapon, and the resistance itself worthless. Moreover, when necessary use tactical nuclear warheads. Players as they say, the end of the game.

With all due respect to the compilers of this kind of scenario, I must say that it really faster script for a computer game entitled «How to capture a Russian.» The reality is even more difficult and diverse.

Which war is preparing NATO

In 1-x, and most importantly — the purpose of war, military operations of the United States and NATO — not the acquisition of terrain or liquidation of enemy personnel, and depriving him of the possibility of purposefully manageable act on the battlefield. This requires not a massive army, and first Professor of Special Forces that can withstand a wide vector modern threats, including those whose identification is difficult due to the lack of sufficient disk imaging now. In other words, these units should be able to beat an opponent who may seem unclear when, where and in what guise. Information and its rapid transfer of the performer in this case becomes a decisive factor of success.

South American military experts believe that the current time greatest asymmetric advantage the United States is their ability to flip and maintain military forces in at least some part of the world, while ensuring that all appropriate political, military and economic affairs, which give the ability to deploy this immense network. To preserve the dignity of the President of the United States has put the U.S. Transportation Command puzzle sync rendition of global transport planning to coordinate operations related to such diversion. This brand new task enables U.S. Department of Defense to organize transfer such makarom to provide supply of troops in at least some point and the smooth functioning of all lines rendition theater, and so Makarov, which is to ensure the U.S. ability to flip and maintain its military forces globally. Immediately South American military government wants to establish such makarom band rendition to link into a single chain of command of all military and the U.S. to support their military planning at all theater, including in case of unexpected situations.

Major role in providing such strategic lift U.S. military should play a sea-based system, or, as it is called, lily-pad basing — basing on the lily pads, the base of which should make the new ships restructured forces premature storage Sealift Command (ILC) of the United States. They are able to solve a wide range of tasks from specific support shock naval forces and combat units on the banks of honey to service personnel. To fill the human and material resources you plan to use speed boats connectors included in the strategic naval forces rendition. Implementation of the plan step input of the new ships will allow the Commission, by the views of the Navy Command, 2010-2011, to begin operation of parts of the system of sea-based, and by 2014-2015, with the formation of new energy storage in marine premature consisting of 3 groups of vessels , its full use.

Under the new provisions of the theory and practice of warfare NATO, general idea of ​​warfare the United Armed Forces of NATO and U.S. forces is central network joint actions. The essence of these actions is that the mixed (multiservice) tactical grouping Allied (U.S. Armed Forces), managed from a single strategic center will immediately act on certain key elements of the system of municipal and military control units and formations forces retaliation (retaliation) on the whole area of ​​the country of the enemy. Capture strategic initiative is meant to perform in the first transfer of the same Minutka war fighting in the strategic depth of the defending forces. Military action could take place as usual — with the front border clashes advanced groups of armed forces on both sides, and deep areas of the defending side. The main objective of war is not instantaneous ability to perform the defensive side is not only strategic, but even rapid deployment of groups of armed forces. Especially with the start of a future war all over the country — will be the victim of anger thrown over a typical network with nodes of hostilities — separate areas on the terrain of the country in which you plan to conduct operations. The rest, most of the areas of the country no active operations are usually not provided.

In implementing this concept of instant war commanding position assigned joint operational formations (OOF), which is planned to rapidly flip from mobile offshore platforms for action on the entire depth of the defense of the country — the victim of anger to take control of warehouses with WMD neutralization launchers and aircraft of strategic aviation on the ground-based, etc.. From the same should be done offshore logistics forces OOF. In these formations puzzle software comes next entry in the battle of the second echelon forces that within 60 days must be deployed in the crisis area.

What enemy will wage war

Views on Russian military professionals, analysis of the development of weapons and military equipment of the operational and combat training of the Armed Forces of — NATO member indicates their desire for the preparation of their own troops to conduct joint activities in mixed (multiservice) tactical groupings on the entire area of ​​the country, subjected to anger. These criteria are very insecure hopes of having threatened the period and only to prepare the border battles or only to repel massive missile and air strikes in certain areas.

In conclusion, I must say that all of the above applies to the standing army, and is unlikely to be applicable in respect of «international scum», even if those preemptive strike, which can cause Tipo U.S. and NATO to Russia.

Certainly you need as soon as possible ways to create an effective combat system «based on the lily pads.» It can be fully, and then its say forced to announce first naval spices.

Certainly, NATO and the United States will seek to create the terrain victim countries, including in Russia, the inner front of resistance, using the internal instability of the situation, the presence of social and public problems, as some people living in the country of emigration. Base such a fifth column may be permanent special operations forces, are also large number of gangs belligerent countries to manage the population. For modern Russia this should especially consider such real ability of its potential enemies. This implies that the value will be inflated territorial defense in virtually every region of the country, the availability of powerful mobile reserves in a state of constant readiness.

Coupled with that, taking into account all of the above, already reform of the Armed Forces, improving the technological base of the war should take place with a focus on war with weapons of last generation and application of new operational and tactical techniques. Experience of foreign countries shows that reforms in the armies of several leading Western states aimed at priemuschestvenno qualitatively new kind of armed forces and new methods of warfare. These include the transition from war to war of attrition to deprive the enemy the ability of resistance not through the defeat of his army, and the method of drawing the largest population losses, rear objects, areas of relevance of fundamental importance.

Because for the Russian army coming importantly — not quantity but quality — culture, professional personnel, its exceptional mobility, availability of means of transport that can in the shortest time to throw a few thousand people in another region, in another country, on another continent, reliable information support . With all this army should be equipped with modern light but powerful means of warfare have precision instrument that allows to conduct contactless military operations, lowering their own losses. Then NATO and even if they wanted not want to conquer Russia, and all the gloomy scenario will be only for computer games.

Rights in this material belongIs independent military review.

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