Conference participants BPF came from the besieged house

According to human rights activist Boris Buhelya public, the policemen did not have documents allowing them to stay on the ground of personal home. In my defense, they referred to an anonymous tip that the house Tipo skirmishes. After calling the police left their own superiors, noting that in the adjacent house hassle.
At this time (20:28) "slaves" personal home sprawl. Immediately after the lifting of the siege Minsk regional conference guests BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka Mikhalevich, Vladimir and Alexei Yanukevich Labkovich left home.
Skirovvayuchysya before leaving Mogilev favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said Radio Liberty:
"Now in the Mogilev Regional Conference held BPF. Formally, this was the founding conference of the regional organization because this structure was closed by decision of M» Ustou, and it was almost reconstructive conference. It assumed the role of guests of Minsk, 61 delegates from 13 districts of Mogilev region — the conference was very presentable.
Just when we have finished the conference as a meeting "BPF Youth" suddenly observers saw (and we were in a private house), the house was besieged police in the form, as people in civilian clothes. In this police officer ranks — captains and majors.
We spent a few hours in the besieged house. They burst into the house, without explaining the background vlamannya own, and only after, as outside the house appeared Mogilev defenders and gentlemen Buhel Kravchenko, who explained to them that it is actually saying, "none of your concern and care of the KGB," the police left their observation posts near the house. "

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