Coup in Ukraine and confrontation with the West should be the impetus for cleaning power in Russia

Coup in Ukraine and confrontation with the West should be the impetus for cleaning power in Russia
Municipal revolution in Ukraine, the United States … perfect Accelerated formation of the «Ukrainian Reich» Bow neo-Nazis and criminal oligarchs … popular unrest in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk … Reunion Crimea with Russia … Rhetoric in the spirit of cool war with the West … The unexpected decision of Washington to strengthen its military presence in Europe and build the capacity of tactical nuclear weapons … All it says one thing — we are again on the verge of a major war.

«Ukrainian Revolution» became a kind of last straw that fill up the cup of. The West has long been filled this «cup». When thugs Serbia, and when NATO tightly close to the borders of Russia. When they began to create a global missile defense system aimed against Russia (and to some extent against China). When Washington and Brussels have made in their own servants of our former allies in the Russian Federation and the occupied areas, namely, the Baltic States.

West made two zones of chaos — in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then launched the Arab turmoil, creating a serious threat to us in the Caucasus and Central Asian areas. Now the enemy is actually openly hosts already on the ground of the Russian civilization, a land that was the ancestral home of one of superethnos Russ. The enemy — in Kiev. The authorities now outspoken Western puppets Gauleiters who must mobilize part superethnos Russ fighting with the other part — «imperial». West tries to pit two parts of superethnos Russ.
Brand new historical era began. Actions receive extraordinary logic. The logic of war. It should be noted that guilt (or reward) in Moscow this. Our government retreated to the last. Made all the concessions which could have been done. West hosts themselves went on aggravation. He tore the check. If Moscow continued «laissez-faire», she confessed Vladimir Putin last message, just be tossed people. This is fraught with a sharp increase in the ability of social explosion already in the Russian Federation.

In principle, this situation is useful to the Russian people and civilization in general. In a relatively peaceful time we lose an enemy, because we play by his rules. And in this great game all cards — packed. Global crisis — is not only evil, and hope for healing. Of course, that Russian civilization is sick. Destruction of the USSR and the attempt to integrate into the world capitalist system (in fact, it neorabovladelcheskaya system), when our country is constantly inferior to the West, for the sake of it violated national interests — the most obvious signs of this disease. But, compared with the West, we have a healthy society. Suffice it to recall that the open worship of evil (Satanism) — this is the current reality of Western society. A drug legalization, pedophilia and cannibalism on the horizon.

The global crisis and confrontation with the West give us hope for a cure. In turn, the restoration of «Great Russia» — a hope to cure the world’s population. Superethnos Russ is a carrier of applets (code), which holds planetoid full of brutality and degradation. Hassle converges uniformly, and we we see, that the world over many millennia niskolechko not changed. All determines the will and power. Such a thing as «human rights», «tolerance», «political correctness» and «pacifism» concocted to weaken us. Deprive the will to resist.

It must be clearly aware of the fact that those metastases capitalism that undermined Ukraine (silly to deny specific prerequisites «Ukrainian revolution» in the form of complete corruption and theft), and are in. The capitalist system in Russia is such a disposition unjust and led to the creation of the world «successful» and «losers» (one of the last big hit of the population). Just a lot more RF Little Russia (Ukraine), it is of much greater resources and abilities. Because when we look at Ukraine, we will always litsezreem Russia. Only those fears and injustice that we look at Ukraine, more pronounced. Because Ukraine exploded and so simply and swiftly.

It is clear that we have no neobanderovtsev nor is hosted in Moscow, European and American envoys, the security services are much better armed forces, despite all the efforts of the team Serdyukov retained combat capability, and even started their re. But we have everything else — corruption, incomprehensible «elite», many of whom are liberals (especially their concentration is visible in the field of money, the economy and education), carnivorous oligarchs dominance values ​​of the «golden calf», rapidly degraded education and science and etc. Monoekonomika when significant national economy transformed into a «pipe» through which the West and East pumped raw materials. Hidden and obvious «fifth column» that permeates the whole of society. In particular, it is seen in the midst of the so-called. creative intelligence, which forms the cultural field in the country. Eminent people do not hide their own hatred of the «this» country. Difficult situation and to youth, her idol — it degenerates like Lady Gaga.

This and much more unites us voedinyzhdy with Ukraine. Sores and abscesses — the same. However, we were lucky that we live in, though trimmed, rinky-dink, but still civilization. Segodnyaschy Russian Federation — is the core of the Russian civilization (Russian World).

Itself, the main problem in the criteria of confrontation with the West is the lack of patriotic elite. Russian — this is one of the most fair and compassionate nation on the planet. But its best features demonstrate specifically Russian war criteria. But the problem is that we have a reliable rear. Hard to be in the same trench with Prokhorov Abramovich, Gorbachev and Medvedev. Full faith and unity in such criteria can not be. «Ukrainian Revolution» and the confrontation with the West have become a major prerequisite for the elimination of the «fifth column» in Russia and the transition to the socialist road.

Coming on the outer «fronts» should go immediately to the process of restoring order at home. Liberal forces continue subversive activities by «de-Sovietization», «de-Stalinization» and «de-Russification» of, trying to reincarnate into a kind of Russian Europeans. When at the historic reunification of Russia and the Crimea, held in Moscow rally against the policy of the Russian authorities in the Ukraine, it states that the Russian liberals support the neo-Nazis. This is not surprisingly, Russian liberals actually always act against the public interest of.

When a country is in napolovinuvoennom state should not be allowed to conduct propaganda in favor of the enemy. This «fifth column», which works on the enemy. Some liberals organize protests, forming images of the «popular protest» and «brutal oppression of his government.» Then replicate these images in the West, demonstrating «the monstrous totalitarian empire» that suppresses its people and grabs the wrong areas.

Other liberals have an area of ​​not stroll, protests are not satisfied. They occupy the highest positions in the state and continue to neoliberal policies in the sphere of economy, money, education and culture. They are trying to complete the privatization of the country and damage the base of education.

Liberals working in the field of intellectual and analytical continue talk about the «inevitability» of rapprochement with the West and the reasonableness of a «market economy.» Liberal publicists and writers keep writing the wrong story of, introducing into people’s consciousness bad legends of the Russian Union and the Russian Empire. However, they have all the skills for this media. Often they are kept under the control of various types of academies, universities and institutions, having the opportunity to falsify every episode of our history, including the new period. The most dangerous thing is that they have the opportunity forms the historical representation of youth.

Currently, obvious liberals who openly oppose government policy and defame our history, rejected by Russian society at the highest level. They were not able to get into parliament. Their parties and movements on the fringes of social and political life. More rabid their representatives recognized shake hands. But they continue to dominate on TV and in the press, research centers and universities, government offices and informal elite clubs. Constitute an influential part of the expert community. All together they make up the bulk of the clan factor influencing the course of Moscow.

They are a layer that is impersonating Russian intellectual elite of society, which has the right to express outlook of the whole people. They distort the outlook of the people and hinder the development of the country. Liberals impose their flawed people eyes on the economy, politics, culture and history. Because the criteria of confrontation with the West need information «cleansing» of the environment.

Do not forget that in Russia there are other groups «fifth column». This Wahhabi underground, which nestle in virtually all regions of Russia. This predatory oligarchy. She showed excellent incorrigibility Khodorkovsky in Kiev. How many wolves do not feed, still staring into the forest. There are in Russia and separatist tendencies.

As the deterioration of the situation on the world stage, all these groups will be activated and will try to strike back. West for their own interests will lead the interaction with at least what allies, using double standards. At home, Washington will suppress any separatist movement and Islamists. In Russia also support any forces that act for the destruction of the «empire» — Islamist terrorists, nationalists constructive wing neoliberal oligarchs and representatives of the underworld.

Because we must be aware that joining Crimea — is a victory in the first battle. A long-awaited victory after a long retreat. Confrontation in Ukraine, which has become a battlefield, will be delayed forever. First solemn euphoria about to expire. There will be more problems. Soon we will be faced with similar processes in the Central Asian republics. And in this struggle we have no right to kill. Planck is the highest — victory or death! West prepares for war with Russia, and will use all its abilities to defeat the inside. Because actual need measured and reliable rear.
Created by Alexander Samsonov

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