Creates a brand new public organization Liquidator

"Narodnaya Volya" reports, in Belarus created newcomer Non-Governmental Organization "Liquidator". The founders rely on the activity of almost 200 thousand liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster.
Also, "Narodnaya Volya" now reflects on reasons for the resignation of Lieutenant-General Alexander Pavlovsky as chairman of the Municipal Committee of Border Troops of Belarus.
What’s going on Andrei Klimov around? This is the question "Narodnaya Volya"Addressed the closest person prisoner — his wife Tatiana.
Another topic of discussion in the "People’s Will" — for what reason in Geneva or New-york invite so called Travel ban: Minister of Justice Golovanov, deputy head Presidential Administration Pyatkevich, chairman of BTRC Zimouski?
"Newspaper Slonim" recalls the history of the theater, who in the eighteenth century when Prince Oginski had two thousand seats. Now it is reported that in the last 17 years, the local troupe huddled in an adapted room. But work it already forbid fire. On the prospects of new construction says journalist Sergei Bagdashyts:
"They promised and Last year, and the year before. And at the level of the Council of Ministers and in the Grodno regional executive committee and the executive committee in Slonim. But on this day, the theater is not built. "
On holiday dilemmas and writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus". The room — a benefit the traveler. He focuses on noteworthy and cheap summer joy.

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