Crimea has a small strategic importance for the Navy RUSSIA — THE WASHINGTON POST

Crimea has a small strategic importance for the Navy RUSSIA - THE WASHINGTON POST
South American newspaper The Washington Post March 13 published an article about the immense history of the Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet and tried to answer the question that can get militarily Our homeland, taking this part of the Ukrainian countryside under your own control.

The creator of the article thinks that the military-strategic plan Our motherland will become «a little» from the annexation of the Crimea, but the political benefits of joining area may be significant because the wave of patriotism «washes» the whole country. Even dissident poet Joseph Brodsky, who was exiled in his time in the U.S., at one point, wrote: «It is my deepest conviction that apart from the recent literature 2-centuries and maybe architecture (St. Petersburg) the only thing that can proud of our homeland, and the history of its own navy. » Brodsky, a scion of a naval officer, wrote about the Russian Navy as the «nobility of spirit» and admired «almost perfect order» in the Navy, that somehow there was an unusual way to «Russian soil.»

Russian Black Sea Fleet is the second minimum of 5 fleets country (possibly have in mind and the Caspian Naval Flotilla voenn0 — approx. «VP»). The fleet consists of 25 ships, including 10 corvettes, 2-cruisers, 2-frigates, destroyers and diesel submarine. BSF was used to defeat «tiny» Georgian Navy in the war in 2008, Our homeland sends ships of the fleet in the eastern Mediterranean coast toward Syria. But the strategic importance of the Black Sea Fleet is limited because of Turkish control over the straits leading to the Mediterranean Sea.

But the political value of the BSF can grow. International Director of Tsarskoye United Services Institute (Royal United Services Institute) in London Jonathan Eyal (Jonathan Eyal) said that Moscow «will squander its resources» for the development of the Black Sea Fleet, to highlight the «wisdom» of President Vladimir Putin, who took control of the Crimea. «In Moscow will find strategic benefit, but from a purely military point of view Our homeland will not get completely nothing,» said the expert.

In 2010, Our homeland has entered into with the former Department of Ukraine basic agreement that allows the Black Sea Fleet base in Crimea until 2042. Russian and Ukrainian military sailors in Sevastopol perfectly know each other, not once have held joint military maneuvers. But at the moment they are in confrontation.

In recent years, Ukraine has spent on the armed forces less than 1% of GDP. «If a country has a coastline, it must have a fleet. But the fact that Ukraine has made with its military potential is unparalleled. Military capabilities destroyed one hundred percent control of the country «, said the deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Hramchihin.

Until the Crimean crisis, Ukraine had 11 surface ships, one submarine and a few 10’s of auxiliary vessels, almost all of them were built in the Soviet era. «Ukrainian Navy is a handful of floating metal that does not make sense,» says Hramchihin.

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