D.Kreymer: The Belarusian authorities have two ways

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer said he gave the Belarusian authorities to position the United States:
"The Belarusian authorities have two options. Some of them can lead to improved relations between Belarus and the USA. He anticipates some steps — the release of all political prisoners. Stress — all. And termination cases against others, including "Junior front."
Need to spend peacefully tomorrow share, regional mini-conventions and Congress itself democratic forces in Belarus without problems. If these steps are not will be made, I am afraid that our business will deteriorate.
According to the "Act on Democracy in Belarus", which was approved by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush, we still have steps that we can take. I hope that we do not must be to do this. But now — a step the Belarusian authorities. "
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State conveyed this position to two representatives of the official Minsk — Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov and deputy head of the presidential administration Natalya Pyatkevich.
What does the United States, if Belarus fulfills the conditions
Meeting with the last taken place in Minsk on the initiative of the cafe Pyatkevich.
"I think for her it was an opportunity to hear directly the position of the U.S. government. And I gave it to a jeweler’s precision. We’ve heard the rhetoric of an improvement in relations with the West for a few months. But I do not I can tell, we litsezreem certain acts as proof of this rhetoric, "- said Cramer.
Kramer said the Emperor, what improvements in bilateral relations can occur if Belarus fulfill the conditions imposed by the United States.
"There are unlimited opportunities to do better trade relations between the countries. Currently, the South American trading agency does not have the ability to work here. This can be changed. We can see those bad steps we have taken in relation to Belarus, and soften them. We wish much capacity increment contacts Belarusians and the Yankees. "
Threatening if not Minsk makes a step forward
If the Belarusian authorities do not step forward, the South American side will accept the following measures, says Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Kramer:
"We can expand the list of banned individuals. That allows us to make the" Act on democracy in Belarus. "It also gives us the possibility to impose sanctions against some municipal companies. We still have other options. But at the moment all this is hypothetical questions and we can take both positive and bad measures. "
Sovereign Kramer hoped Belarusian authorities understand that his wordsand — not an empty threat.

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