Decree of calculating funds from antisocial parents does not work

Ira lives at the Minsk railway station, 5 years is not working. On their own children responsible vague. The question why not vorachivaetsya to normal life, says: "Give the job." But what prevents the lady to get at least a cleaner plant? Reply drunk lady helping her yard each.
"I worked as a cleaner for the machine and was cooperating …"
"At the same time she could hardly pay the rent. Utilities understand hows? 200 thousand as throw … And out of it 70% of earnings were taken to court. How to live person? "

"Even if they are sent for medical examination, and they run out … "

Employment Service of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare invites the persons who were deprived of parental rights, the order of everyday employment: through the exchange. But such people usually drink, they broke former social connections and often do not even have the appropriate documents. Subtotal coercive attempt to return them to normal life is predictable, says ministry consultant Tamara.
"They’re running. Even if they are sent for medical examination, and they run out. Either at work one day and everything will work, there is no end. Find them later … It’s such a specific category. "

"Bad trend that increased alcoholism Lady"

Number of social orphans with living parents in Belarus once a year increased nearly a thousand, admits official statistics. The same statistics notes increase causes that promote antisocial behavior of parents.
"Bad trend that increased alcoholism Lady: currently registered over 40 thousand women alcoholics — says Chief Narcologist Belarus Vladimir Maximchuk. — And with all this growth lasts beverage. Though police are struggling with homemade drinks but all the same growth is. "

"This decree superfluous optimal"

Are independent economists said: Belarusian economic model generates social parazytyzm against which evolved and social phenomenon such as orphans with living parents. But the philosopher Valentin Akudovich all the same not welcomed by a decree which these parents are forced to pay monetary compensation to the State:
"This decree superfluous rational. It ignores the fact that whenever this occurs in the family, this human drama and even disaster."
The Interior Ministry turning their attention and such a feature: during the year for evading payment of up to 5 thousand "bad" parents may be on the "chemistry", and several thousand to get to the colony. Meanwhile detention in prison is worth 150 bucks a month. Specialists ask that the government has saved when transferred the burden of social orphans on their "bad" parents?

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