Democrats propose Grodno regional parliament

Head of the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos treated as his personal role in the forum and other members of the Council, "the need to connect to this process":
"That was all fine, we can be less active. But so far as not everything is fine, and is what we we see, then, their hopes, our role will be quite significant. Here it is necessary to mention the first meeting of our Belarusian intelligentsia, and after which started the consolidation process. Specifically, they led to the creation of "Five +", etc. Certainly, not everything went perfectly, there are drawbacks, there prepyadstviya. But we must have patience, and have the will to continue this process.
At the moment the situation slightly resembles the old. And because we believe that our role is needed. "
Managing Grodno regional organization Joint civilian Party Yuri Istomin happy invitation to regional politicians forum:
"I have food to Vilnius with that mindset that we must act on those decisions are presently accepted in Minsk. And I believe that his presence we’ve been working on some solutions to our Minsk favorites. We wish to decentralize decision-making. We have both common proposals and specifically those that embrace the regional activities. We wish to make a specific case in Grodno, wish to make here Grodno regional parliament. I think this project will have to have success. "Organizers of the forum rely ultimately absolutely finalize drafts of all documents that would later adopt the Congress Democratic Forces. It first, final edition of the "Little Constitution" economic platform and strategy.

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