Department of Defense announces the capture of the Ukrainian fleet in Crimea (updated)

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, March 22 captured submarine «Zaporozhye» corvette «Vinnitsa», strengthened the blockade ship «Slavutich» and Novofedorovka airbase and military unit in Belbek were taken by storm.

Sturm military unit in Belbek
Russian Federation troops attacked Ukrainian military unit in Belbek. About it in their own Facebook said the head of the media center of the Crimean Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev.
«17.00 (18.00 Minsk time. — Comm. TUT.BY). Sturm Belbek. During the assault on the area of ​​the military representatives broke self Crimea. Gateway to part breached using APCs, «- says Seleznev.
He noted that his sources are reporting shots during the assault in the assault involved more than 6 units of BTR-80, running riot Armed Forces.

At 19.30 a military base airfield «Belbek» was under the complete control of the Russian military.
Sturm airbase Novofedorovka
Day in the Ukrainian media reported, citing the head of the media center of the Crimean Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vladislav Selezneva assault on the airbase in Novofedorovka.

Who is trying to seize the base — It is not clear, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry representatives themselves they say that «in the midst of the attackers have local residents, including the ladies, but very many non-native, the faces of people are not familiar.» Russian military stood aside and watched the capture database.
Before this morning command of the military unit was an ultimatum — surrender or wait in the assault / h
As of 16.10 (Minsk time) personnel Marine Aviation Brigade in Novofedorovka, singing national anthem of Ukraine, has already left for the area of ​​the military unit. Over the building headquarters waving flag of Ukraine. According to preliminary data, during the storm no one was hurt.
Russian special forces captured the corvette «Vinnitsa»
Media center head of the Crimean Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev also told the media that the commandos captured Russian Federation Ukrainian corvette «Vinnitsa».
«16.30 (Minsk time. — Prim.TUT.BY). Sources of Novoozernoe report that eventually storming aboard the corvette «Vinnitsa» is a special unit of the Marine Corps Russia. The crew of the ship offered to lower the flag of the Ukrainian Navy and raise flag of St. Andrew, «- told Seleznev.
In Sevastopol Bay enhanced blocking Ukrainian ship «Slavutich»
In Sevastopol during the last 2-hours has been increasing forces blockading ship management «Slavutich». This was stated by the head of the media center of the Crimean Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev.
«To him (» Slavutich «) was approached by two Russian sides tug. On the shore of the quay wall watch group Self-Defense Forces of Crimea «, — the report says.
Recall ship «Slavutich» was blocked in the Sevastopol bay of the Black Sea Fleet on March 3. March 4 crew Ukrainian ship «Slavutich» parried the attempt to seize the vessel. «Armed men in tow came to board the ship, but the crew put the power back. Was an attempt to put a boarding party, seize the ship, cannon and sailors, «- reported to the brigade commander, surface ships of the Ukrainian Navy captain 2 rank Vitali Zvyagintsev.
Captured only Ukrainian submarine
Russian troops captured the only Ukrainian submarine «Zaporozhye» report to Ukrainian and Russian media. Incidents capture contradictory Ukrainian press writes that submariners pelted stun grenades, Russian — that the boat passed the commander.
The submarine was in the Musketeers bay near Sevastopol.

At 11:30 Minsk time on a submarine «Zaporozhye» St. Andrew’s flag was raised. Half of the crew of the submarine is ready to continue with the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. Command and other opponents of the service in the Russian navy left the ship. It is reported that the submarine will be towed from the Musketeers of the bay in the South Bay.
Sailors in Crimea food supplies remained at 10 days
Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Rear Admiral Sergei Hayduk said that food supplies to Ukrainian ships locked in the Crimean lake Donuzlav enough for 10 days. He said this to journalists today.

He also said that now in the Crimea blocked 30% of the total fleet of fighting Ukraine. Military explained that 100% of the fleet of combat-capable ships — 50%. «From this half 30% locked in Crimea, others are outside the shores of the peninsula,» — he said.
With all this Haiduk not give a clear answer, what measures will take power after the sailors completed supplies.
Also, the Defense Ministry said that none of the soldiers of the Crimea, who have not changed the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people, will not be abandoned. «Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are serving in the Crimea, are the real heroes for every Ukrainian. Now Summit considered the question of granting each of their status as «combatants», the provision of other social guarantees and benefits identified for restraint and courage «- identified in the department.

Recall, March 21 Acting Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh within telethon TSN accused Ukrainian war in the Crimea «feeble moral atmosphere.»

Deputy Battalion Commander Kerch Marine Alexei Nikiforov live Minister said that his subordinates are in dire straits because of the uncertainty of the action center. Nikiforov also accused Acting Minister that he never spoke to the commander on the phone, he received a rebuke to the head office.

«First — you are a military man, if you change the oath, then say so and do not need to talk about. You have to grin and bear all the burdens. A cry — it is a matter not for men, and even more so not to grunt. I am sad that you have such a weak moral atmosphere in staff. When you type in your own contract, had to think about this time, and not about «amusing troops,» — said Tenyukh.
Chronicle of events March 20-21, Ukrainian Navy
On Friday, March 21, despite the fact that part of the Ukrainian ships were captured in the Crimea, and some defected under the Russian flag in Donuzlave not surrendered several ships of the Ukrainian Navy, «Konstantin Olshansky,» «Kirovograd», «Cherkasy» «Chernigov». In turn, the sailors of the ship «Cherkasy» tried to free passage to the open sea from the flooded Russian ships.

March 20 around 19.00 Russian Federation troops seized Ukrainian corvette «Ternopil» Bay Donuzlav. According to Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Leonid Polyakov, during the assault «Ternopil» Ukrainian sailors have decided not to shoot at the invaders. Besides in Sevastopol Bay were captured Thursday corvettes «Luck» and «Khmelnitsky.»
According to the Crimean government, defected to the side of the Russian Federation 72 military units, among them — 6 of 25 warships and auxiliary craft.

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