Disaster victims in Virginia became citizens of many nations

It is already clear that the victims of Cho Hee Offspring became citizens of several countries: USA, Canada, India, and Indonesia. Midst and killed 76-year-old doctor from Israel Libya Libresku Holocaust survivor. If the attacker opened fire, he closed the door with his body in the audience and gave an opportunity for many students to jump out the window. The French class was shot by Daniel Perez Cueva from Peru. Lebanese woman also died in Rome at random, who participated in last weekend for the international student dance festival.
Approximately eight of tyscha over June 20 thousand students Virzhynskaga Institute of Technology are foreigners. In total about 200 thousand students from abroad every year receive a visa to study in American universities. The question arises: how the impacts of disasters in Virginia on foreign people desire to get an education in the U.S.?
This question asked on Tuesday, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.
"This is the case, the likes of which we have not followed earlier this country. And This is the meaninge is unique. But in general, the U.S. — a place where, I believe, will be willing to come to train. "
This is just one of the many issues that caused the accident in Virginia. Some Koreans fear or will not reverse racial reaction. There is a reason for debate about gun permit in Virginia and other U.S. states.
But before that people seek out the answer to the question, I didand 23-year-old student in the history of the worst U.S. universities killer?

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