Does the arrest of Andrei Klimov beginning of a new step of repression?

Valery Karbalevich: "In government repression against political opponents should be reviewed by a certain logic. Preventive detention recently on March 25, the scandal Christina Shatsikava show horror authorities before street protests. This is also evidenced by the pressure against the "Young Front", a famous street activity. You can also recall that the preliminary conclusion Klimov was associated with an attempt to organize the so referred to as a revolution on October Square. But today the arrest of such falls Klimova sequence. What does this mean? What frightened the authorities in this case?
Tatiana Protko: "I do not believe that the actions of government controls horror. Obmyslennye Here visible actions. Question solely of where they lead. Doing everything to show that Belarus is not willing to adhere to European values. Finally our country is isolated from the West. And the only alliance with Russia. Maybe that’s the basic meaning and nestled such behavior? "
Igor Rynkevich "Klimov blame violation of Article 361, in other words in a call to forcibly overthrow the municipal building. And then the topic of legitimacy of presidential power that raised my client Alexander Kozulin, appears again and becomes one of the first public agenda a day or Fri.
Those articles of the Criminal Code, which is currently underway repression were adopted on 15 December 2005. And the international community valued them as draconian. Much that they were prepared for the presidential election. I think if Andrew will defend well, thenmay be accuser and not the accused. "
Karbalevich "Klimov arrested for an article on the Web. But according to the Belarusian legislation website is not a mass of information. Yet, already there have been cases when the authorities punished for implementing web. Suffice it to recall Tribunal over Grodno journalists Markevich and Mazhejka from the newspaper "The Chase". Does this mean that now all members of many online forums under the threat of punishment? "
Protko: "Obviously, all will not touch, but with a warningdid everythingm segodnyaschy civilization is impossible without the web. But undemocratic regimes will always strive to keep this information under the control of the place. I do not think the case strolled rumors about the acquisition by the Belarusian authorities in China control equipment Web. May soon be ready for this and the legal framework. "
Rinkevich: "Indeed, insufficient laws to lure criminally liable for publishing on the Web. And coming to power this issue selectively. Once "Belarusian newspaper" would like to register as an online publication, but she was refused on the grounds that the issue is not legally regulated. The situation is this: if recorded, (for example, the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya"), then for publication on its web site can be held liable under the Press Act. Conversely, if the publication is not written (as the site of the UCP, in which published his article Klimov) — lure to justice impossible.
Because prosecution Klimov should be discontinued. Democratic public must perceive the situation as a challenge. Since it’s apparent violation of freedom of speech — the 1st of basic human rights. If presently punished Klimova, then later be pulled chain of such cases. "
Karbalevich: "At the end of 2006 political prisoners in Belarus decreased markedly. Activists were released the" Partnership "Skrabets Crook. Seemed there are any signs of a thaw. But soon, it seems, the number of political prisoners increased. Already sits without much time Court UCP Denisov, expands the criminal case against the "Young Front". Arrest Klimov pavyartanne to Russian political practice of using punitive psychiatry in the case Shatsikava maybe suggest the use of new bases and methods of repression. Either this is not the beginning of a new step over repression political opponents? "
Protko: "Indeed, the recent actions show that repression will intensify. Obviously, this is an attempt to intimidate pro-democracy activists.
But I wish to come back to the same ideas, which were first. As were prepared First steps towards a dialogue with the West, immediately rolled repressive wave. Develops recollection that it mattersetsya specifically to stop the way to Europe. When this happens all the time when Europe is taking steps forward. "
Rinkevich: "I should note that the new Administrative Code regarding punishment was worse enemies of the regime. Regarding dialogue with the West, the Belarusian authorities have not passed the test for democracy — not in the local elections, or during a rally on March 25. Because no dialogue will not . This is not a new step, and the modification of the same policy of repression. "
Protko: "If we are already talking about expanding repression, it means that our country in great danger."
Rinkevich: "In any case, the history of Belarus will know as their own heroes and anti-heroes, in other words those who punish people."
Karbalevich: "And so, some hope that the dialogue with the West will lead to some liberalization, did not materialize."

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