Due to a conflict with Estonia European Union may block reception Russia into the World Trade company

Now, the consular department of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow has resumed its work in full, said embassy spokesman Franek persidkimi. He confirmed that the salting of Estonia in Russia Marina Kaljurand went on a two week holiday, although it is not clear — where. Whereupon representatives of the pro-Kremlin movement "Nashi", "Local", "Young Guard" and "Young Our homeland" rallies ended, perceiving departure ambassador as a victory.
"At the moment, all is quiet and relaxed. Around Embassy NO demonstrators. Embassy works constantly. We were obliged to close the consular department of judgments security" — said Franek persidkimi.
Yet Now about embassy picket organized by representatives of the youth bloc "People’s Union" and "Union officers." The picket participants, like their predecessors, require suspend reburial Russian soldier dead whose graves Estonian authorities plan to relocate the center of the capital to a military cemetery.
Russian Foreign Ministry said that it reflected badly on the monument to the bilateral relations. Moscow urged the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of Estonia in street riots in Tallinn, as a result of which one Russian citizen died from a blow with a knife.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia stated many times that there are rallies for Russian authorities and accused the Kremlin of violation of the Vienna Convention on the status of diplomats.
European Union, NATO and the United States expressed solidarity with Estonia, peremyashchenne monument they dubbed an internal affair and urged Estonia to guarantee the safety diplomatic consulate.
According to the Minister Foreign Affairs Estonia, Urmas Paet, the embassy staff undergo psychological and physical attacks. Protesters pelted the embassy with stones and stormed the wrong car the Swedish diplomat. At the embassy appeared tent city, and activists "Our" collected signatures on a petition calling for "the dismantling of the Estonian embassy fascist." Judgments of safety relatives diplomats were targeted in Tallinn.
In a telephone conversation with his German officer Frank-Walter Steinmeier Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed "surprise tribute due to the lack of reaction of the European Union on the behavior of Tallinn, which, according to Lavrov, contrary to European values and culture."
Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov called for a boycott of Estonian products that have responded to the shops "Seventh continent", "Cents" and "Samohval." Our homeland stopped supplying oil products to Estonia. In response, Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip said that any sanctions by Russia is doomed to failure. "
The share of the Russian Federation accounts for only 10% of Estonian exports. But, as reported by the newspaper "Daily Telegraph" unusual since cool war level of mutual distrust between Moscow and Brussels could lead to the fact that the European Union will block Russia’s entry into the World Trade company.

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