E. Bagdonas: We’ll find methods to Belarusians did not have to stand in queues for visas

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"And I was warned that the state here drink slightly different"
Hanna Sous’ Sire salting that in the first months in Belarus has made you the most memory? But that does not live up to expectations? "
Edminas Bagdonas "too early to state that has not met expectations, since I arrived in Belarus did not so long ago, on February 1.
And that is not something that impressed and pleasantly amazed, so it is not very bad attitude of Belarusians to Lithuanians. It’s not even position and eternally from the heart is — a very positive attitude toward the Lithuanians.
And it amuses me very much as a diplomat. I think that here play the role of our common historical roots, your language, which benefited our th your princes majestically Duchy of Lithuania. "
Sous "Heading diplomatic mission in the adjacent country, and even more so in Belarus — quite responsible and difficult task. How occasionally joking diplomats, this is the direction where you want to work really. Which mandate given to you colleagues? What should I avoid the Lithuanian ambassador rather than to focus on? "
Bagdonas: "You see, I am a lover of wine, especially after working in Italy. In the family during dinner or a meeting with friends always drink wine. And he warned me that here, as we do in Lithuania, the state drink a little different. This regard humorous commandments … "
Sous: "And what is the state drink?"
Bagdonas "Moonshine. Drank it in Dudutki in Bialowieza Forest … As for work, I am not under any circumstances do not say that it was less than Italy, Switzerland, Malta, Serbia and Montenegro or the same Ukraine, where I had previously worked.
Here’s just a different specificity. In Italy the same visa issues actually was not. And here I am again on the day of encounter, because, unfortunately, between our countries have a visa.
In addition, more than 800 million dollars turnover between Lithuania and Belarus — it also corrects a day or agenda.
But my big problem here — I do not a lot of 24 hours a day. Such specificity, that the one of the more labor-intensive diplomatic positions.
Constant contact with people. You can not relax either, nor turn away. You have no right not to pay attention to what seems a trifle for you, and for the other person would be possible catastrophe. I am convinced that the experience obtained diplomats in Belarus is very valuable. "
"We can not succumb to external pressure, if you feel that the truth is on your side"
Sous’ Sire salting when the first 1990 Lithuania asserted its independence from the Russian Union, she had to endure as a result of the cool winter energy blockade by Russia. Carried Lithuanians What lessons from the conflict and what advice could give Belarusians? "
Bagdonas "What was cold, I’ll remember. Incidentally, I have a" Commemorative Medal of 13 January. "
These were difficult days are for Lithuania. The real blockade. My daughter Ruth, who at the moment is nineteen years old at the Time wasbut quite small. We would save water and gas. Heated water in a pan to wash the baby. And the wife says: "Carefully water lei."
Were prepyadstviya and products, and gasoline. I remember with my dad drove across the border to Oszmiana, borrowed from local residents gasoline to pour it into your "Lada".
It seems that it was very long. On the other hand — it’s only been seventeen years. What are the lessons? It is impossible to use such forms of politics, as the pressure on the government. But we then went dialogue. And we as partners then signed an agreement with Russia.
You can not resist the external pressure, if you feel that the truth is on your side. If paddasisya, it may be a disaster for the human and civilization. We then stood firm. Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians joined hands and said, that althoughAnd so we heard.
It may, the main lesson — not locked within themselves, and to have a dialogue with the neighbors. "
"What is a market economy, if no one consultation, decide to lay a pipeline through the Baltic Sea?"
Sous’ Sire Bagdonas, would like to clarify the position of Lithuania regarding the construction of Russian gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea.
Earlier, in a special report, the Lithuanian side read about the likely harm to the environment as a result of the project and proposed the creation of an alternative route for the pipeline … "

Bagdonas "Energy problems — transit through Ukraine and Belarus, energoelementov delivery — is now becoming political. There must be political pressure through the economy and economic — through politics. Even if one side says it all — untainted economy.
But what a market economy, if no one consultation, decide to lay a pipeline through the Baltic Sea? Even more so when implementing projects that are changing the geopolitical and economic situation.
Nobody says it’s a good or a bad project. But we will know it when it is already signed agreements for the construction. But at the moment has already decided that such issues can not be solved without the approval of the European Commission.
And Lithuania was the first to correctly and clearly determine its position on this issue. Our president said at all levels, it is not correct. NOT method of transporting oil and gas, and the principle — through the Baltic Sea.
Why? Since there is fear that transit flows through Belarus and Ukraine are unstable and not predictable?
Environmental nuance is also very important. President Valdas Adamkus himself ecologist. He even has a study on the conservation tools, including nuclear, in the Baltic Sea after the second World War.
Anyone considered this question? No one can make conclusions about the likely environmental hazard. The Lithuanian side at least they are not beheld. And at the moment with our initiatives will be made by the Commission in this matter. Necessary conclusion professionals — ecologists, physicists, chemists, nuclear scientists of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. "
"You can will do repeated visa not only for a year, and up to 3 years "
Sous: "Our listeners, of course, are interested in and the visa issue. Clear that Lithuania stands for the fact that after the entry into Schengen visas for Belarusians price is not changed.
On the other hand, there are queues for prepyadstviya design visas, whereas after the entry into the Schengen number of Belarusians who zahochut apply for a visa in your embassy to increase. What seems to you the average solution to this difficulty? "

Bagdonas "visa procedure design a little complicated since the Lithuanians did not wish to do so. There is a common procedure. And to the people of Belarus will be the same with the embassy of Lithuania, as well as embassies in France and Germany.
At the moment we advance warning about the configuration to it is not a shock to the tourist companies. These configurations are insignificant.
With the entry into Schengen group visas will not be only personal document feeder. If there is communication and contact, then can be make repeated visa not only for a year, and up to 3 years.
We are preparing to work in the new criteria, expanding our consular department in Minsk. In Grodno look for a place where they could be more perfectly serve people of Belarus in general representation. "
Sous: "And when will the construction of the new premises of the consular department in Minsk?"
Bagdonas "I think before the tourist season should finish."
Sous: "Not so long ago took place in Minsk Tourism Exhibition. And many tour operators have expressed fear that this year could shrink the number of Belarusian tourists who holiday in the summer go to Poland and Lithuania, — due to difficulties with visas …"
Bagdonas: "The greatest problem of the queue do so is not always met all the necessary conditions.
Previously, when our embassy was about 150 accredited travel agencies. Unfortunately, most of them engaged in visa means, and not the real tourism. Some of them have been denied accreditation, in order to avoid abuse. When the Belarusian Embassy in Lithuania, for example, only about 20 accredited travel agencies.
But we will find such a method to Belarusians not needed stand up for fencing of queuing for visas.
And what about the price of visas … No citizen of Belarus, no bureaucrat has no right to accuse Lithuania that we flegmantichny to this issue. Was not in over 2 years, for sure, a single meeting in Brussels at all control of Lithuania, that did not raise this issue.
We believe that it is incorrect for people to enter Belarus after our accession to the Schengen cost 60 euros for a visa.
But what we can do for Belarus, and that she could do — to start negotiations with the European Union over the price of a visa. If this dialogue does not work, then the cost of such a visa will be imminent.
Ukraine, Our homeland and even find some levers Moldova — where the cost of the visa will be about 35 euros. "
"Reluctant to take on the center of Minsk and see the sign of the Lithuanian company"
Sous’ Sire salting, you recently stated that Lithuania wanted to be the first to hear about the intention of Belarus to move to Europe and be the first lawyer of Belarus in Europe. Heard whether at least the first bell? "
Bagdonas: "We are actively working in this direction and with the Foreign Ministry and other institutions."
Sous: "Was there any seen a step forward from the Belarusian side?"
Bagdonas: "Not yet."
Sous: "A couple of years back the clock together with the mayor of Vilnius visited Minsk group of Lithuanian businessmen. Among other dealt with the probable arrival of the Belarusian market of large companies such as the network of shops" Apranga ", as big-name" Acropolis "other. Any of these projects have already been implemented? "
Bagdonas: "Recently, plans to meet with the new mayor of Vilnius, and we will open a discussion of these issues. These projects are very important. Contact occur. Results not yet visible, but the dialogue and negotiations is very important."
Sous: "I know that quite well in Belarus work of Lithuanian capital — such as for example Rechitsky brewery venture or production of ice cream," Gosh. "She did not really advertise the role of Lithuanian capital …"
Bagdonas: "It’s also the question of why do not wish to advertise themselves … Same" Apranga "has a very big business in Lithuania, but it’s not yet visible. Reluctant to take on the center of Minsk and see the sign of the Lithuanian company. I wish that our strong companies were in Belarus. "
Sous’ Sire salting, at a reception on the occasion of the restoration of Lithuanian independence you were in Belarusian. Shows your good pronunciation. Braley Belarusian language lessons? Read Belarusian websites, newspapers in the Belarusian language? "
Bagdonas "I constantly look over Belarusian websites. For example, a page" Liberty "looks the part.’s My job. Already acquired several school children’s books to teach their language.
Can not yet be called a certain date, but I think that will soon start talking in Belarusian. I am in this matter have the opportunity. I was not hard to learn and Ukrainian, and Polish. Need to know the language and culture of the country where you work. Wherever I worked, I read in the languages of those countries. "

Our reference: Edminas Bagdonas — Prof. diplomat. Held various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. Was Lithuanian Ambassador to Italy, as an advisor to President Valdas Adamkus in international matters.
Knows eight languages — Czech, Polish, Slovak, serbskaharvatskuyu, Ukrainian, Russian, British and Italian. Married, has 2-kids.

Lithuanian salting indicates majestically Duchy of Lithuania on the old map, which was bought in Italy
But salting next to the map of modern Belarus
The office Edminas Bagdonas painting "The Coronation of Mindaugas’ photos and memorabilia from the states, where he worked

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